Can Industrial Safety Shoes Be Stylish Too?

| | Mallcom India Ltd. Admin

Safety shoe manufacturers in India are slowly evolving into trending and aesthetics PPE products. Everyday activities may not require a high degree of protection. Across heavy-duty industries, the story is different. The hardcore nature of safety requirements for pulling off heavy industrial tasks means style becomes secondary or even irrelevant. 

However, lighter tasks, for instance, cleaning, biking, cooking and gardening need a dash of style backed by adequate protective power. This is where Mallcom steps in to step up the safety game! Safety shoes for industrial use need not have to look dull. Gone are the days when safety equipment suppliers restricted the utility of their shoes by only focusing on their safety features thereby ignoring the design aesthetics

Lifestyle Designer Safety Shoes

Aesthetically designed double-density safety shoes are quite a niche in the safety space. Dubbed "Lifestyle Safety Shoes," these revamped workhorses blend fashion with robust protection, catering to modern demands for both safety and trending style. No longer limited to stereotype designs.

These shoes come in an array of colours and textures, elevating their appeal beyond the workplace.

Sporty Appeal: Who says safety shoes can't be stylish? 

Embrace a sporty aesthetic with our Freddie H22 and Freddie G22, which boast a sleek design reminiscent of athletic footwear. With a 200 J impact-resistant composite toe cap, you get the best of both worlds – the look of sports shoes and the safety of protective footwear. Besides Freddie series shoes, Mallcom offers a range of stylish options, from Leo B to Rufus to  Pedrofeles to suit your taste.  

Comforts with Appealing Durability

Mallcom's Freddie H22 and K22 along with Rufus exemplify this fusion even though it is designed for industrial use. It uses double-density PU as the manufacturing material, which offers complete protection against workplace hazards. With breathable knitted uppers and striking designs, they seamlessly transition from the gruelling factory to the comfort of the streets!

Certification is paramount in ensuring the efficacy of lifestyle safety shoes. Mallcom’s Freddie and Scar series carries EN ISO 20345:2011 and 2022 IS 15298 certifications that guarantee adherence to rigorous standards, including impact resistance and moisture repellence. Mallcom's commitment to certification underscores its dedication to quality and safety

Mallcom Embraces Safety in Style!

In the realm of industrial gear, aesthetics often takes a backseat to functionality. 

However, the tide is turning as safety shoes evolve into stylish essentials fit for both the factory floor and the urban landscape.

As we stride into the future, the marriage of style and safety in industrial footwear paves the way for a safer and more fashionable work environment. With Mallcom leading the charge, the journey towards occupational safety continues one stylish step at a time.