The Role of Safety Goggles in Personal Protective Equipment

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The ray of reassurance that the hazardous industries eye for is safety glasses ideal for welding. Also called safety goggles, these serve as the protective barrier for the workers engaged in a high-risk activity like welding. Excellent against sparks, molten metal splatter, and chipping slag, safety eyewear becomes the industrial safety equipment that most organisations swear by as an integral part of their safety vision.
Before we learn more about the role safety eyewear plays in keeping a watch on our vision of safety, let’s look at the different challenges the operation of welding brings to the table

Category of Hazard

The Hazard

About the Hazard

Intense Light and Radiation

Visible light

Welding creates incredibly bright light, exceeding the sun's intensity. Unprotected exposure can cause temporary or permanent vision loss, including "welder's flash" (arc eye) - a painful corneal burn.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation

Infrared (IR) radiation

Flying Debris and Sparks

Sparks & Splatter

Welding processes generate sparks, molten metal splatter, and chipping slag. These hot particles can easily lodge in the eyes, causing serious injuries and infections.


Safety goggles shield the eyes from fumes and gases released during welding, which can irritate the eyes and respiratory system.

Let us look at all the advantages of safety glasses used while welding


Advantages of Safety Welding Goggles

Safety goggles, especially those designed for welding purposes, offer several advantages to ensure the protection and well-being of the wearer.

Here are the advantages of Polycarbonate Single Hard Coated Safety Goggles for welding:

Eye Protection: The clear polycarbonate single-lens glasses provide effective protection against sparks, debris, and harmful UV rays generated during welding. The hard coating enhances durability and resistance to scratches as can be seen in Vega.

Versatility: Polycarbonate material is known for its impact resistance, making these goggles suitable for various welding applications where there may be flying particles or potential hazards.

Adjustable and Tilting Nylon Arms: Pluto boasts adjustable, tilting nylon arms for a tailored fit, catering to diverse face shapes and sizes. This customization ensures optimal comfort, complemented by the arms' tilting feature, allowing wearers to personalize their experience.

Avior amplifies adaptability, featuring padded lens holder, removable foam, and a soft nose piece for unparalleled protection. With shared features like adjustable temple and a multi-lens system with Altair, Avior adds portability through an individual goggles case and versatility with an interchangeable headband, catering to varied safety requirements.

Lateral Protection: Pluto’s design includes lateral protection to safeguard the eyes from side impacts and stray particles that may come from different directions during welding processes.

Secure Fit: The arms with holes for neck cords add an extra layer of security by allowing the user to attach a neck cord. This prevents the goggles from accidentally falling off during work, ensuring they remain in place even in dynamic or challenging welding environments.

Prevention of Irritants: Clear polycarbonate glasses not only protect against physical hazards but also act as a barrier against irritants such as fumes and splashes that are common in welding activities.

Compliance with Safety Standards: High-quality safety goggles are typically designed and manufactured to meet safety standards, ensuring that they provide the necessary protection for the eyes in welding environments. Avior, Altair and Vega are EN 167-certified, making them authentic and trustworthy options. 

Ease of Maintenance: The hard-coated surface of the goggles makes them easier to clean and maintain, ensuring a clear and unobstructed field of vision during work.

Extended Longevity: The combination of polycarbonate material and hard coating makes these safety goggles durable, extending their lifespan and providing long-term protection for the wearer.

Final Sight

To safeguard against workplace eye injuries, choosing the right safety goggles is crucial. Mallcom offers competent options in the polycarbonate segment witnessed in Altair, Avior, and Vega with interchangeable lenses, adjustable templates, and removable eyebrow protectors. The detachable frame and angle-adjusting feature enhance versatility. With 40 years of PPE expertise, Mallcom’s top industrial safety equipment ensures your safety vision is secure, promoting a 'zero-tolerance policy' for eye injuries in your workplace. Selecting Mallcom safety goggles aligns with best practices, fostering a safer and more secure working environment.


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