The Science Behind Mallcom's PU Leather Gloves: Why Bikers Trust Them

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Picture this!

You’re travelling an open road, the wind in your hair, and the freedom to ride without a care in the world.

For bikers, every journey is an adventure, and at the heart of this experience lies a key ingredient - protection. Safety must always come first because we all know how unpredictable the road can be. The ground-breaking MACH PU leather gloves can help with that because they combine fashion, comfort, and unshakeable security that savvy motorcyclists are looking for.

But what's the science behind these gloves that makes them the go-to choice for bikers?

Let's dive into the details.

The Power of PU Gloves: A Sustainable Marvel

PU leather gloves are a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional leather gloves. The production of PU leather does not require the use of animal products. The manufacturing of such gloves reduces the environmental damage brought on by animal leather gloves. 

PU leather is a more durable material than leather. This means that these are less likely to tear or crack over time, which can help reduce waste.

It is possible to recycle PU leather. This indicates that at the end of their useful life, these gloves can be recycled. Therefore, because they lessen the quantity of waste that ends up in landfills, such gloves are safer for the environment.


Advantages of Synthetic Leather Gloves

Masterful Construction: Where Science Meets Craftsmanship

MACH PU gloves are not your ordinary riding gear. They represent the perfect marriage of form and function, with cutting-edge features designed to cater to the unique needs of the biking community. 

Let's delve into what sets these gloves apart.

Unbeatable PU Protection

Crafted from a harmonious blend of Air Mesh fabric and Poly spandex laminated with reinforced artificial leather (PU/PA), these gloves boast a quality that's second to none. Here, toughness meets comfort as they deftly combine the flexibility and softness of synthetic materials with the powerful sturdiness of leather. The outcome? A glove with unrivalled protection that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.


All-Weather Assurance

Mother Nature can throw a curveball, but with MACH PU gloves, you're always in control. These gloves are more than just stylish; they're water-resistant, ensuring that even the rainiest days won't dampen your spirits. Ride confidently, come rain or shine.


A Touch of Elegance

While protecting your hands on the road is paramount, looking good doing it never hurts. MACH PU gloves are easy to maintain, effortlessly retaining their stylish appearance over time. The ease of cleaning and caring for these gloves is a testament to their design.

The Mystique Unveiled

But what makes MACH PU Leather Gloves the talk of the town in the world of synthetic leather gear?

Let's peel back the layers of the secret.

Safety Materialises into Long-lasting Performance 

The foundation of these gloves' success lies in the exceptional quality of the PU material employed. MACH ensures that only the finest-grade polyurethane goes into crafting their gloves, ensuring unparalleled, long-lasting performance.


Craftsmanship Unparalleled

Each pair of gloves undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure a snug fit and maximum protection. These gloves are engineered to embrace your hands, allowing you to maintain a firm grip on your bike's handles, and giving you the confidence you need on the road.


Accidents at bay with Impact Protection

These gloves have beautiful exteriors, but beneath that, they have cushioning that is carefully intended to cover key places. In the unlucky event of an accident, this padding provides confidence by adding an additional layer of security.


Breath of Fresh Air

Don't fret about sweaty palms on those scorching summer rides. MACH PU Leather Gloves are designed with ventilation and breathability as top priorities, ensuring your hands stay cool and comfortable throughout your journey.


Why the Biker Brotherhood Trusts MACH's PU Gloves

It's not only about the science; it's about the faith these gloves have earned from the biking community.


Trusted on the Road

Mallcom hand gloves have undergone extensive real-world testing in diverse biking conditions. They've built their reputation through countless miles on the road, showcasing their reliability and durability time and time again. Our Mach series is no exception.


Your Guardian of Safety

Safety is your main concern as a rider. This is why you require the MACH series of PU Leather Gloves, which were designed to give you the top level of protection when driving. You can ride with perfect confidence thanks to these gloves' unrivalled impact resistance and abrasion protection. You can rely on us to keep you safe.


Choosing the Road Ahead

On the back of 40 years of PPE expertise, Mallcom’s MACH range of  PU Leather Gloves lets you enjoy the thrilling rush of biking while keeping your hands secure. These gloves are expertly made, combining the durability of synthetic leather with the most recent technology to offer the highest level of comfort and protection. Trusted by bikers worldwide, MACH's PU Leather Gloves embody the spirit of adventure, allowing you to ride with confidence and style. So go ahead, hit the road and chase your dreams – with MACH's PU Leather Gloves, the possibilities are endless.


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