Top 5 Reasons Why Mallcom Nitrile Gloves Are Better for You

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When it comes to choosing suitable hand protection gloves, the options can be overwhelming. Mallcom nitrile gloves aren't just hand protection, they're a shield that empowers you to dive into tasks with confidence. The nitrile material forms a second skin, allowing for delicate jewellery repairs or intricate computer work. Mallcom gloves become an invisible shield, letting your hands take centre stage. So, unleash your potential, Mallcom nitrile gloves have your back, or rather, your hands.

Mallcom’s repertoire boasts of a mammoth 14M+ production of 50+ SKUs of industrial nitrile gloves credibly certified by EN and BIS. Ranging from seamless, cut & sewn to cut-resistant and impact-resistant, these gloves can serve different industrial applications – driving, welding, and handling intricate and heavy machinery. With unparalleled expertise in hand safety gloves, Mallcom's Nitrile Gloves offer true adaptability. The latest MFKB Techo IL40, 240 GSM Cotton Interlock Cut & Stitch Medium Coated Nitrile Protection Gloves stand out from the crowd. Here's why these gloves are a superior choice for your safety and comfort needs.

    Certified Protection and Durability

      Mallcom nitrile gloves are certified under EN 388, a testament to their high-level protection standards. This certification ensures that these gloves offer excellent abrasion resistance and durability, crucial for demanding industrial environments. The medium-full nitrile coating on 100% cotton provides a robust barrier against physical hazards, making them a reliable choice for any tough job.

        Versatility in Challenging Environments

          One of the standout features of Mallcom nitrile gloves is their versatility. Our DFRB gloves are specifically designed to perform exceptionally well in oily and slippery conditions. The nitrile coating offers excellent resistance to oils, lubricants, and other greasy substances, making them perfect for industries that deal with these materials regularly. Whether you’re handling heavy machinery or working in maintenance, these gloves ensure your hands remain protected.

            Secure Grip and Comfortable Fit

              Safety and comfort go hand in hand with Mallcom gloves. The medium-full nitrile coating ensures a secure grip on various surfaces, enhancing control and safety during tasks. Additionally, the 100% cotton construction provides superior comfort, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use. The interlock lining knitted at the wrist not only prevents dust ingress but also offers a snug fit, enhancing dexterity and ease of movement.

                Enhanced Protection Against Dirt and Contaminants

                  In environments where cleanliness is paramount, Mallcom FL30 nitrile gloves excel. The durable nitrile coating combined with the robust cotton interlock construction offers excellent resistance to dirt and contaminants. This feature ensures that your hands remain clean and protected, making these hand protection gloves ideal for tasks where hygiene is critical. Whether you’re working with abrasive materials or in environments prone to dust, Mallcom gloves keep your hands safe and clean.

                    Reliable Performance Across Various Applications

                      Mallcom nitrile gloves are designed for a wide range of industrial applications. Their excellent resistance to chemical and abrasion hazards makes them suitable for various tasks, from automotive to construction and beyond. The gloves provide reliable performance, ensuring that your hands are protected regardless of the job at hand. This versatility makes Mallcom gloves a valuable addition to any safety gear lineup.


                      Mallcom MFKB Blue 240 GSM Cotton Interlock Cut n Stitch Medium Coated Nitrile Safety Gloves offer unparalleled protection, comfort, and versatility. With their certified durability, secure grip, and enhanced protection against contaminants, these gloves are the perfect choice for anyone looking to safeguard their hands in challenging work environments. Choose Mallcom nitrile gloves and experience the difference in safety and performance.


                        • Why are nitrile gloves better?

                          Ans: Nitrile gloves provide protection against cuts, harmful chemicals, and impacts compared to latex gloves. Because of their exceptional durability, these are ideal for prolonged use.

                            • Is nitrile safer than latex?

                              Ans: Nitrile gloves are a good alternative for people with latex allergies. This is because Nitrile gloves are generally stronger and more durable than latex gloves. Compared to latex, they pack more punch in the puncture-resistant front. Chemical resistance. Being more resistant to a wider range of chemicals than latex gloves, they serve as the better option on most occasions.

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