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The narrative on protection took a massive turn in the month of March 2020, when the pandemic hit the world. We were still coming to grips with what just had happened, with little idea about what was to follow next. Gradually, words and phrases like PPE kits & ‘personal protection’ had slipped into our daily conversation and would go on to become a mainstay in another two years. N95 masks and their authenticity, WHO recommendations and protection of the immune system had become the areas of maximum concern. Now, with the pandemic coming to a close, we are already witnessing a drop in the number of people wearing masks in public. However, protection remains the watchword in specific industries such as healthcare & research, chemical, paint, agriculture, waste management and biotechnology. Its importance is more relevant than ever for the masses alike with the rise in viral gene mutation and declining immune resistance.

In fact, not only do we see frontline workers in healthcare taking more stringent protective measures, but workers in toxic waste management & pest control also benefit greatly from tight safety protocols. This is because working long hours require personal protective equipment but also comfort & flexibility. Here is where the JD7AY from Mallcom’s light safety disposable workwear series becomes the ideal option.

Let us find out how the versatile coverall – JD7AY steals the show upfront across myriad industries.

The Anatomy of Seamlessness

The JD7AY has been built keeping in mind industrial requirements. It has a 60 GSM SSMMS fabric that offers an array of benefits, such as fine filtration along with decent strength and elongation.

Fine filtration offers enhanced absorbency that keeps contaminants at bay; it does it by absorbing most of them while disallowing pathogens to permeate. Furthermore, with heat seal seamed taping and a zip-closure system, this coverall suit is locked with no seam joint and is hostile to harmful germs.

Toughness to Support Relentless Hustle

A match made in Mallcom India, especially for healthcare, the JD7AY is the perfect combination of strength & flexibility. The non-woven fibres in its fabric provide impeccable resilience and toughness in the face of tough medical battles.

Breathe Easy & Feel Light All Day

Being breathable and lightweight, the JD7AY is the perfect safety disposable for industries that entail long working hours. Breathability ensures optimal comfort; while being lightweight, the JD7AY does not bog you down after extended use.


Absolute Freedom of Movement

Demanding industries, such as chemical, pest control and livestock, need safety disposables that protect while providing freedom of movement. The JD7AY provides decent protection against unforeseen chemical splashes and low-grade toxic sprays – a frequent occurrence in chemical industries & pest control. It is also effective against livestock viruses & infections.

On top of providing protection that can be counted upon, it offers seamlessness rooted in freedom of movement as it has a double-taped hood. This double-taping allows workers across various industries, such as agriculture, hospitality, and paint, to move their heads freely. In addition, the coverall has zero internal stitching, especially on the arms as well as the front placket. It has elastic loops stitched with the cuff for easy insertion of fingers. The JD7AY’s solid elasticity enhances the flexibility quotient even further. The movement becomes even more flexible with elastic cuffs, waist & ankles as it precludes the rolling up of workwear.

JD7AY – A Coverall That Has It All Covered

Mallcom is one of India’s largest exclusive safety workwear manufacturers, producing approximately 3.6 million safety workwear pieces per year. Mallcom India is home to a wide range of safety workwear across several categories.

The JD7AY is one of the gems in the lightweight disposable category that is EN 13688 certified with  PPE regulation 2016/425, CAT III with TYPE 4, TYPE 5, and TYPE 6. In addition, it is also IS 17423:2020 certified.

Safety disposals have a substantial role in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and chemical industries. Post-COVID, the demand for such safety disposables remains high because of the chances of contamination are still prevalent and will continue to be so in these industries. The JD7AY is such a light, seam-sealed and highly effective disposable coverall solution that comes in handy across all these industries to safeguard workers against pathogens and control the possibilities of disease outbreaks as a result of lack of tight-knit protective clothing.

Therefore, the JD7AY is a high-quality safety coverall that you can trust. A true all-rounder that weighs less but performs exceptionally well in hospitality, chemical, pest control, paint, and a variety of other industries.

Lightness, flexibility & inch-perfect protection – With the JD7AY’s seamless protection at your disposal, diseases take a huge step back!


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