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We celebrate the magnificent creatures that roam our planet's wild landscapes. These ancient giants, with their rugged exteriors and incredible resilience, have become symbols of strength and endurance. As we celebrate these incredible animals, we should also acknowledge the similarities between their challenges and the necessity for durable gloves in various industries and our daily lives.


40 years of PPE Calibre Conserves Eco-Consciousness

Just as gloves shield hands, conservation safeguards rhinos from poaching and habitat loss. Mallcom's dedication to safety mirrors our duty to conserve these magnificent creatures. Both demand precision – Mallcom's hand gloves withstand impact, while we must fortify anti-poaching efforts to save rhinos. Let's celebrate Mallcom's 40 years of mastery in protection and rally to preserve the rhinos, ensuring a safer world for all.


Industrial Safety Risks & Poaching: Challenges Against a Safer World

On World Rhino Day, we recognize the similar struggles of rhinos and industrial workers. Both face threats to their survival and productivity. Rhinos can serve as an inspiration behind the features of impact-resistant gloves. The assurance of safety acts as the much-needed impetus to empower workers to carry on working in factories in a calm & collected manner. Let's celebrate these magnificent creatures and our shared commitment to safeguarding lives, whether human or rhino, in the quest for a safer, more productive world.


Rhino-Inspired Knuckle Protection

Our hands are one of the most important parts of our body, and it's crucial to protect them from harm. Just like the rhino's tough hide, impact-resistant safety hand gloves serve as a vital defence against potential injuries. On World Rhino Day, let's draw inspiration from these resilient giants to understand the significance of knuckle protection. Just as rhinos face challenges head-on, our knuckles, clad in these gloves, stand up to impacts, ensuring our hands remain unscathed in the demanding arenas of industry. It's a reminder that strength, resilience, and protection go hand in hand, both for us and the rhinos we celebrate today.


Dudhwa & Simum: The Rhinos that Have the Back Of Industrial Workers

Just as rhinos rely on their tough hides for survival, industrial workers trust rhino-species-inspired "DUDHWA" and "SIMUM" gloves to protect them in the daily grind. These impact-resistant mechanical gloves, with natural grain leather and hi-vis tape, become the shield against hazards. For instance, the back of Mach 22 gloves has a metacarpal patch named after these resilient rhino species - SIMUM & DUDHWA. These are TPU/TPR patches that can withstand impact upto 5J.

On World Rhino Day, we celebrate resilience, whether it's rhinos defending their horned heritage or workers safeguarding their hands. Dudhwa and Simum - not just names, but symbols of irreproachable performance, ensuring a safer, productive tomorrow.

Rhino Conservation and Safety Parallels

Tough Skin vs. Impact Resistance

Just as rhinos rely on their thick skin to ward off threats, impact-resistant gloves provide a protective barrier for our hands in demanding environments.


Surviving the Elements: Rhinos endure harsh climates, and impact-resistant gloves are engineered to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring our hands remain unscathed.

 Guardians of the Wild

Conservationists and wildlife defenders often wear impact-resistant gloves when handling and protecting rhinos, emphasizing the connection between rhino preservation and hand safety. Mallcom’s Mach series of Mechanical Style Performance Safety Gloves made out of Artificial PU Leather packs the spirit of such noble pursuits.


Facing New Threats

Rhinos are threatened by poaching, while workers in the construction, manufacturing, and automotive industries face daily risks that impact-resistant gloves help mitigate.


Resilience in Unity

Just as rhino conservation requires collective efforts, promoting hand safety through impact-resistant gloves underlines the importance of skills & safety working together to save and complement one another.


World Rhino Day: A Call to Action

As we mark World Rhino Day, let us remember the incredible resilience of these majestic creatures and the urgency of their conservation. Let it also serve as a reminder of the importance of protecting ourselves in our daily pursuits. Impact-resistant gloves are more than just safety gear; they represent our commitment to safeguarding our hands, our livelihoods, and our future.


In a world where risks often lock horns with our ambitions, let us take inspiration from the rhinos and rise to the occasion. Together, we can ensure that both these magnificent animals and our hands are protected, allowing us all to thrive in a world where strength, resilience, and impact resistance prevail.


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