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The process of cutting and sewing was an old practice that involved careful hand-stitching, one at a time. Nowadays, sewing machines are used by workers to produce gloves of various kinds. Such a knitting technique makes it easier to produce high-utility gloves.  

However, why is this technique used to make safety gloves? 

The Process of Cutting & Sewing 

Cut-and-sewn designs use pieces of fabric stitched together on a sewing machine, like cotton jersey gloves. This process is primarily used to make highly personalized, practical, stylish gloves. 

These safety gloves are made by cutting and sewing together various pieces of material. This design has the advantage of making it easier for glove manufacturers to meet a wide range of sizing requirements. Sewing different materials together, however, results in seams, which affect the feel and dexterity of the gloves. We see these benefits come together effortlessly in the NIF Techo FL 30 & 40 and the entire Techo FL series of  Gauntlet Style NBR gloves.  

Understanding the Gauntlet Style 

A gauntlet cuff is used to extend protection up the arm. They start at 10 cm and can reach elbow length (40-60 cm). This style is useful for tasks that involve the risk of chemical splashes/spills or sparks. Outside elements are also kept out of the gloves by the use of gauntlet cuffs which offer extended protection that runs below the wrist. This style is most commonly used in the chemical industry.  NIF Techo FL 40 is available in 30-40 cm Gauntlet style with a heavy coating of nitrile rubber.  

The purpose of chemical gloves is to repel harmful liquids and other substances. Chemical gloves have a fully coated (usually NBR) exterior to prevent chemical deterioration as well as liquid soak-through and penetration. 

NBR Coating: Highly Effective in Chemical Industry 

The chemical, paint and oil & gas industries entail a lot of risks for the workers working in such conditions. The vapours of solvents, paints, and lacquers can irritate and harm the skin, mucous membranes, respiratory and digestive systems, and eyes. It can even cause problems to the nervous system. 

Nitrile gloves, by acting as a strong barrier of protection, can help keep the wearer safe from chemicals, acids, and oils. This is because NBR is non-permeable and does not allow such substances to get through and pose harm to the skin. Therefore, the NIF Techo FL 40 works exceptionally well in the chemical industry as it is able to ward off the damage caused by such industrial solvents.  

Techo FL Series: A Viable Protection In The Agriculture Industry 

Workers in the agricultural industry are exposed to toxic substances on the job, particularly pesticides, which puts them at risk for several health problems. This may include afflictions such as neurotoxicity from chemical vapour exposures. Nitrile rubber gloves are excellent solutions for this industry since they prevent such harmful toxins to permeate through the skin and cause problems later on in life. 

The Techo FL 30 & Techo FL 40 have heavy nitrile coating that protects agro-workers from getting exposed to these toxicities while handling chemical pesticides in the farm fields.  

In addition, the above-mentioned variants of the Techo FL series have cotton jersey lining with 100 % interlock fabric. The comfort provided by such a mechanism allows these farmers and other workers in the agro-industry to stay protected for long hours.  

Techo FL(30 & 40): A Top-Notch Pharmaceutical Hand Protection  

The Pharmaceutical industry involves risks pertaining to biological contaminants, pathogens and hazardous chemicals. The Techo FL 30 & 40 have a rough finish that provides the user protection against abrasion from dangerous chemicals while being ergonomically designed, it is comfortable to wear too.  

Mallcom India: Customized & Certified Cut & Sewn NBR Gloves  

Certification plays a key role in separating the authentic safety gears from the rest. Mallcom India’s Cut & Sewn gloves are CE certified certified so that industrial workers can get the best from their protective equipment. In order to ensure that the workers get the best, there are several customisations available in terms of the coating coverages, finishes, liner types & wrist closures which can be seen below.  

Mallcom India’s Cut & Sewn gloves have customization options starting from: 

1) Coating Coverages raging from 3/4th, full-dip & gauntlet style 

2) Coating finishes in smooth & rough options. 

3) Liner Types such as Laminated, Knitted Cotton & Canvas 

4) Wrist Closures such as gauntlet, safety cuff & knitted 

The Techo FL series is EN 388: 2016  + A1:2018, EN 21420:2020 and  EN ISO 374-5 & EN ISO 374-1 Type C compliant. They are abrasion-resistant, highly dexterous and comfortable gloves that work seamlessly across industries such as pharmaceutical, oil & gas, chemical and agriculture.  

Stay protected from chemicals, paints, varnishes and pesticides with Mallcom India’s The Techo FL series.  


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