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In the dynamic world of industries, Mallcom believes that ensuring the safety and well-being of industrial workers is of paramount importance. This is where European Standards (EN) for protective clothing come into play, providing a comprehensive framework for the design, manufacturing, and performance of workwear across various sectors. EN standards are European standards that define the requirements and test methods for various types of personal protective equipment (PPE). These standards ensure that the gear you choose meets specific safety and performance criteria. In this guide, we delve into specific EN standards, with a focus on Mallcom products tailored to meet these rigorous standards.

Shine Bright with Safety: EN ISO 20471 High Visibility Clothing

See and be seen with our EN ISO 20471-compliant high-visibility clothing. This standard sets the bar for visibility in low-light conditions, categorizing garments into three classes based on visible material. Elevate safety in style – because being seen means staying safe.

Protective Clothing Against Chemical Risks: EN 13688:2013

Chemical industries demand specialized protective clothing to mitigate risks. EN 13688:2013 outlines the requirements for protective clothing against chemical risks. Mallcom, a reliable partner, offers safety equipment catering to the chemical industry, ensuring workers are shielded from potential hazards.

High-Visibility Protective Clothing: EN 14374

One crucial aspect of workwear is visibility, especially for professionals working in low-light conditions. EN 14374 sets the standards for high-visibility protective clothing. Mallcom offers a range of hi-vis workwear, including reflective vests and jackets. These products ensure that workers are visible, reducing the risk of accidents in environments where visibility is compromised.

Fight fire with Flame-retardant workwear: EN 11611:2015 & EN 11612:2015

For professions involving exposure to heat and flame, the EN 11611:2015 standard defines the specifications for protective clothing. Similar to EN 11611, EN 11612 extends its coverage to include firefighting clothing. Mallcom's heat-resistant jackets, suits, and coveralls meet these standards, ensuring that workers in high-risk occupations have the necessary protection to carry out their duties safely.

Protective Clothing with Electrostatic Properties: EN 1149-5

This standard pertains to protective clothing with antistatic properties to avoid the risk of ignition due to sparks or electrical discharges. Mallcom incorporates this standard into its product offerings, ensuring that workers in environments prone to electrostatic risks have the necessary protection.

Protective Clothing against Liquid Chemicals: EN 13034 

EN 13034 defines the requirements for limited-use and disposable chemical protective clothing, protecting against liquid chemicals. Mallcom's range of protective clothing adheres to this standard, providing reliable protection against liquid chemical hazards.

Protective Clothing against Cold Environments: EN 342

This standard specifies the requirements and test methods for clothing designed to offer protection against cold environments, including extreme cold. Mallcom's cold-resistant workwear complies with EN 342, ensuring that workers in cold environments remain protected and comfortable.

Protective Clothing against Rain: EN 343

EN 343 sets the requirements for protective clothing against precipitation, such as rain and snow. It includes criteria for water penetration and water vapor resistance. Mallcom's rain-resistant workwear meets EN 343 standards, offering reliable protection in wet and challenging weather conditions.

Mallcom stands as a reliable partner in ensuring workplace safety by offering a wide range of products that comply with EN standards. Whether you're an electrician, mechanic, construction worker, welder, automotive worker, or working in industries with specific safety requirements, Mallcom's commitment to quality and compliance shines through in its diverse product offerings.

Visit our website and choose the right workwear to safeguard yourself or your team and elevate workplace safety standards.


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