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At the crossroads between environmental consciousness and social responsibility, we proudly introduce our eco-friendly jute packaging initiative, a collaborative effort between Indian inmates of Haridwar prisons and our dedicated team.

 Our journey commenced with harnessing solar energy and biomass, paving the way for positive change within prison walls. And now, our latest endeavour takes the shape of "Khaadi" bags, woven from dedication and resilience.

In India, a startling 76% of prisoners remain detained without conviction. Faced with this reality, our partnership with the India Vision Foundation emerges as a beacon of hope. Together, we have championed the cause of these incarcerated individuals, giving them due dignity through our initiatives.  


A Strategic Pivot Beyond Commerce

This transition toward sustainability not only reflects a strategic pivot from a business perspective but also a profound consideration for the world we share. By introducing a packaging model that minimises conventional plastic packaging with these eco-friendly artisanal Khaadi bags, we embark on a profound shift that echoes far beyond commerce.

With every jute fibre meticulously woven, we weave threads of empowerment, dignity, and progress. The impact of this initiative promises to be two-fold – not only rejuvenating the environment but also bestowing newfound dignity upon lives that society often sidelines.

In the realm where intention intersects with the environment, the beacon of safety shines brightest. At the core of our commitment lies a resounding message: "Planet first."

Sustainability & Safety: A Tag Team to Reckon With!

As we traverse the path of conscientious progress, our transition from plastic tags to paper header cards adorned with jute strings stands as a testament to our dedication. This dedication is directed towards safeguarding lives and preserving the Earth.


Restoring environmental harmony with plastic above 50-micron

The repercussions of rampant plastic use on our environment have reached a critical juncture, demanding our collective response.

We have standardised the use of plastic above the size of 50 microns following the government’s mandate. This is our response to improving the environmental health of the planet.

With steadfast resolve, we are reshaping our approach by embracing cardboard material for packaging – a move that speaks volumes about our responsibility towards our planet's well-being.

Through this decisive shift, we lay the groundwork to mitigate the impact of industrial operations on our fragile ecosystem, charting a course toward a harmonious coexistence.


Cardboard Packaging: Hi-Vis Sustainability with Proclo

Eco-friendly Cardboard packaging emerges as the beacon guiding our strides towards a sustainable future. By setting a precedent for the industry with the packaging of our Proclo Hi-Vis workwear, we redefine the norms of how business and the environment intersect.

Heading Safe Packaging

Our DIAMOND safety helmet series is packaged using biodegradable eco-friendly cardboard boxes and plastic over 50-micron to comply with government regulations and promote a green environment.

Sustainability Meets Style

The fusion of innovation and aesthetics speaks volumes about our dedication to a dual mission – revolutionizing safety standards while adorning them with a touch of elegance. In an industry often characterized by utilitarianism, our pursuit of smart aesthetics elevates not just the products but the very ethos of safety.

Keeping Sustainability at Our Core

With unwavering determination, we drive this transformation, infusing every step with purpose. As we embrace the artistry of biodegradable cardboard packaging, we stand united in our endeavour to redefine the safety wheel – a transformation not only enhanced by innovation but also rooted in our obligation to the planet we call home. Here's to a future where every choice reflects our commitment to safety, style, and the sustainable evolution of the industry, hand in hand with the rhythms of our Earth.

At the core of all we do lies a resolute commitment – a commitment to championing sustainable business practices. From conceptualization to distribution, these principles shape every facet of our operations. Our unwavering dedication to a greener future is the cornerstone of our reputation.

Join us as we delve into the profound impact of our sustainable measures as Mallcom approaches 40 years in the industry.


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