Enhancing Workplace Safety with Cut-Resistant Hand Gloves

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Protective hand gloves are of various types. However, not all of them may make the cut for all kinds of conditions! Some may subject the worker to more cuts, lacerations and abrasions than heavy impact or flying objects. The category of hand protection that deals with such challenges is cut-resistant hand gloves. But, where are these challenges most prevalent? Let’s find out below.

The table below shows some of the hazards encountered by some industries.


Type of Hazard

F & B

Chopping vegetables, handling knives, and opening cans all pose cut risks. Gloves shield hands from accidental nicks and slices.


Working with machinery, tools, and sharp components necessitates hand protection against cuts and abrasions.

Emergency services

Firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement might encounter broken glass, sharp debris, or blades, making gloves essential for such situations.


Metal sheets, wires, and glass can inflict cuts. Gloves offer crucial protection while handling these materials.

Besides industrial applications, are these gloves cut out for regular usage? The answer is yes.

Are Cut-Resistant Gloves Beneficial to the Masses?

From gardening to handling sharp things, everyone needs protection from severe cuts and unforeseen accidents.

Protection In Everyday Activities

Gardening: Pruning, handling thorny plants, and using tools require cut-resistant gloves to avoid cuts and scratches.

Metalworking and woodworking: Even small slips with saws, chisels, or other tools can lead to injuries. Anti-cut gloves provide a necessary safety barrier.

Glass handling: Whether working with stained glass, replacing windows, or cleaning spills, anti-cut gloves shield hands from cuts and punctures from broken glass.

Mallcom's Cut-Resistant Glove Range

Mallcom India stands out in the realm of cut-resistant hand gloves, offering a diverse range of products made from nitrile. Two notable examples from their collection are:

E33NBG - Cut Resistant Nitrile Gloves

This is a Cut-resistant seamless NBR-coated hand gloves best suited for industrial applications that provide -

  • 13G HPPE & steel/Fibre glass blended liner.
  • Black palm sandy finish over grey shell.
  • Puncture (EN 388): 2
  • Tear (EN 388): 4
  • Abrasion (EN 388): 4
  • Cut (EN 388): 5

L83NBG - Cut Resistant Nitrile Gloves

This glove series by Mallcom provides durable hand protection and supreme cut resistance, with outstanding dexterity.

13-gauge gloves made with Fibre Glass and UHMWPE-based blended yarn.

Nitrile-coated palm and fingertips offer -

  • Increased grip
  • Chemical & mechanical resistance
  • NBR-coated palm with sandy finish
  • Cut (EN 388): 5
  • Tear (EN 388): 4

In an industry flooded with cut-resistant glovesMallcom ensures the authenticity and certification of safety gear to guarantee uncompromised protection.

Mallcom, with nearly four decades in the industry, has shouldered the responsibility for the nation's safety. Beyond producing internationally recognized glovesMallcom takes a commendable initiative to educate the masses on the critical distinctions and importance of certification in personal protective equipment (PPE) products.

The brand doesn't just preach about safety; it sets a noteworthy example by establishing a new benchmark for quality across various industrial use-case scenarios. Mallcom's commitment to genuine PPE and knowledge dissemination reinforces its position as a reliable and responsible player in the safety equipment space. So, when it comes to cut-resistant glovesMallcom is cutting out the best for your safety.




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