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In an industrial setting, safety is paramount. Whether handling sharp objects, working with machinery, or dealing with potential puncture hazards, the right protective gear can make all the difference. Regarding safeguarding your hands against punctures and cuts, Mallcom, a trusted name in the safety equipment industry offers a range of top-notch puncture-resistance gloves or Cut-resistant safety gloves designed to keep your hands safe in challenging work environments.

Workplaces with high puncture and cut risks need reliable hand protection. Puncture resistance gloves are specially designed to provide a strong barrier against sharp objects, preventing injuries and ensuring a secure work environment. Whether you're working in construction, manufacturing, or any other industry with potential hazards, having the right gloves is crucial.

Mallcom has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality safety gear, and its range of puncture-resistant gloves is no exception. These gloves are designed with precision and utilize advanced materials to offer superior protection without compromising on comfort and dexterity.


Introducing Mallcom's Best Puncture Resistance Gloves Product Categories:

1. G63NBG: Level 5 cut-resistant gloves (EN388)

The G63NBG gloves from Mallcom are engineered for optimal puncture resistance. Crafted with precision, these gloves feature advanced materials that provide a formidable barrier against puncture hazards. The sandy finish black NBR palm coating allows you to perform tasks with precision while keeping your hands safe.

2. C853: Canadian Gloves (EN388)

The C853 gloves by Mallcom are reinforced natural split Canadian leather gloves with cotton lining inside and rubberized cuff, offering comprehensive hand protection. Whether you're handling sharp tools or working in an environment with potential cutting hazards, these gloves are designed to keep your hands safe without compromising on comfort.

3. F834: Dyed split leather welder gloves (EN388, EN407, EN12477)

These gloves feature a back and thumb crafted from a single piece of leather, ensuring durability and enhanced protection. The palm is reinforced with additional leather for added strength. Inside the palm, a non-woven lining provides comfort, while the cuff is lined with sturdy jeans fabric. Notably, these gloves offer high contact heat resistance, withstanding temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds, making them a secure choice for welding applications.

Mallcom's dedication to safety and innovation makes them a preferred choice for individuals and industries looking for reliable cut & puncture-resistant gloves. The Cut resistant gloves  G63NBG &  C853,  F834 models stand out as exemplary puncture-resistant products in Mallcom's safety gloves range.

Explore Mallcom's safety gloves collection today and elevate your safety standards in the workplace. Visit Mallcom's official website to discover more about their safety solutions and browse their extensive range of protective gear.


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