Guide to Synthetic Leather Gloves By Mallcom

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PU Leather Gloves, also known as synthetic or artificial leather gloves, have become indispensable in numerous industries and specific industrial applications. Synthetic leather, often referred to as faux or vegan leather, is a highly sought-after alternative to traditional leather. This man-made material emulates the appearance and texture of genuine leather without relying on animal hides. Although animal leather has its place, choosing artificial leather over animal leather involves ethical and environmental reasons. It eliminates animal cruelty and reduces greenhouse gases from livestock farming. Plus, synthetic leather is durable, versatile, and cost-effective, making it a smart choice for conscious consumers.

Now, let's delve into what precisely constitutes synthetic leather and explore its wide-ranging PPE utility in various industrial sectors and use-case scenarios.

Leather Glove is the Safety Drill

Safety Leather gloves are an essential safety tool in civil, construction & carpentry. It ensures safer handling of rough and sharp materials, such as wood, concrete, and nails. It protects the hands of industrial workers during framing, roofing, and general construction work. 

Here's how faux leather gloves serve as a safety drill you can count on first-hand. 

Sharp Handling  

Artificial Leather gloves offer a protective barrier against splinters, sharp edges, and rough surfaces


Impactful Cushioning

Artificial leather gloves provide a degree of impact resistance, helping to cushion blows and reduce the force of accidental impacts with tools or materials.

Stands the Heat

When working with hot tools or materials, artificial leather gloves can withstand moderate heat, protecting the hands from burns or discomfort.


Hold On Tight

The textured surface of artificial leather gloves enhances grip, allowing carpenters to handle tools, lumber, and other materials with greater control.

Steer Clear of Risks with Mallcom Artificial Leather Gloves

Mallcom PU Leather Gloves play a significant role in putting the brakes on on-site risks and accelerating safety in the automotive sector.
Here's how they contribute to enhancing safety in this industry.

Safety Drifts Past Abrasion

Faux Leather gloves are highly resistant to abrasions and cuts, which are common hazards in automotive workshops. They shield hands from sharp edges, metal fragments, and abrasive materials.

The Right Safety Fit

When it comes to work gloves, one of the paramount considerations is ensuring a proper fit for users. This factor holds immense significance in promoting safe working conditions and minimizing the risk of accidents. Now, let's explore how the Mach Leather Gloves by Mallcom is an excellent fit for metalworking and welding, offering the utmost protection and comfort in these demanding industrial applications.

Metalworking & Welding Safety Challenges

Metalworking and welding are industries where safety is of utmost importance. Workers in these fields are exposed to various hazards, including sparks, hot metal, and sharp edges. The need for hand protection is evident, and the gloves they wear must be up to the task.

Mach Leather Gloves: Tailored for Excellence

EN 21420:2020 with Dexterity level 5 & EN388:2016 compliant, Mallcom’s Mach Artificial Leather Gloves by Mallcom are mechanical-style performance safety gloves. Designed with the specific needs of metalworkers and welders in mind, they offer a combination of features that make them an exceptional choice for these industrial applications.
  1. Air Mesh Fabric and Poly Spandex Lamination

The gloves incorporate Air Mesh fabric and Poly Spandex lamination, providing breathability and flexibility. This feature is crucial for comfort during long hours of work in hot and challenging environments.

  1. Reinforced Artificial Leather Palm (PU/PA)

The reinforced artificial leather palm made of PU/PA offers superior protection against sharp edges and abrasions. This is essential in metalworking, where contact with rough or jagged surfaces is common.

  1. Finger-Tip Padding for Grip

The inclusion of finger-tip padding enhances grip, allowing workers to maintain control over tools and materials even when working with oily or slippery surfaces. The thumb is made of sweat-absorbent terry cloth. This feature is invaluable when precision is required.

  1. Shock Absorbent Latex Foam Padding
The shock-absorbent latex foam padding adds an extra layer of protection, reducing the impact of heavy or vibrating machinery. This is particularly important for welders dealing with powerful equipment.
  1. 2-Way Stretchable Webbing

The 2-way stretchable webbing ensures that the gloves conform to the user's hand, providing a snug and secure fit. This not only enhances comfort but also reduces the risk of gloves slipping off during work.


How Mach Gloves Keep Workers in Safe Hands: Welding Application

Imagine a welder working on a construction site, tasked with joining heavy metal beams. The Mach Artificial Leather Gloves protect their hands from sparks, molten metal, and sharp edges, allowing them to weld with precision and confidence.

In a metal fabrication workshop, where workers handle sheets of metal and operate cutting tools, these gloves provide the necessary dexterity and protection. The finger-tip padding ensures a secure grip, reducing the chances of accidents.

40 Years Of Safety Expertise Plays a Big Hand

Backed up by 40 years of PPE expertise, Mach Artificial Leather Gloves by Mallcom are the perfect fit for the demanding requirements of metalworking, welding, automotive, civil & construction, logistics and a variety of other applications. With Mach’s combination of breathability, reinforced protection, grip enhancement, and shock absorption, these gloves not only keep hands safe but also enable workers to excel in their tasks with greater efficiency and confidence. Safety and performance go hand in hand, and Mach Gloves are a testament to that synergy in the industrial world.