Defrosting EN 511: Mallcom Certified Winter Gloves

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Frost Fighter: Nitrile Thermal Gloves for Winter Labor


When it comes to working in cold environments, protection is key. Without the right gear, working in extremely cold conditions can lead to frostbite and other serious injuries. One of the essential pieces of gear for cold work environments is winter thermal gloves. But not all thermal gloves are created equal. It's essential to ensure that winter hand gloves provide adequate protection, especially in industries that require workers to handle materials in sub-zero temperatures. That's where the EN 511 certification comes in.

Mallcom India is India's leading PPE brand, and one of its top products is the EN 511-certified safety winter gloves - W83NBG & W43NBG.


Gloves that pass all the tests of the certification can protect against convective and contact temperatures down to as low as -50°C. In addition, they carry other tertiary features such as puncture & abrasion resistance as well.

What is EN 511 certification?

EN 511 is the European standard test used to assess the thermal gloves' ability to protect workers against cold & harsh working environments. It entails different categories of cold protection that such certified gloves go on to carry. Such gloves cover three categories of cold protection.


A - Convective cold

B - Contact Cold

C - Water permeability


Category A (Convective) covers five performance levels from 0 to 4.


The temperature profile of the protection they provide is deconstructed as follows:

  • Level 0: 0° C
  • Level 1: -15° C
  • Level 2: -30° C
  • Level 3: -40° C
  • Level 4: -50° C

Category B (Contact) covers four performance levels from 1 to 4.

The temperature profile of the protection they provide is deconstructed as follows:

  • Level 1: 10° C
  • Level 2: 0° C
  • Level 3: -15° C
  • Level 4: -30° C

Category C concerns two levels (1 & 2) of water permeation determined by a simple Pass/Fail test.


If the glove stays dry & impervious for 30 mins following submersion, it counts as Pass, denoted by the number ‘1’. Failing the test, it secures 0, meaning Fail.

Certified with a symbol of trust

The certification carries a frost symbol that distinguishes it from the rest of the safety certifications. It can be seen as a symbol of trust & authentication, more so, since gloves are prohibited from using the symbol unless it passes the tests for the certification.

Industry application of EN 511 thermal winter gloves

The applications of the gloves can be broadly divided into four major categories.

  1. Material handling  
  1. Cold storage
  1. Logistics operations
  1. Maintenance work

From the EN 511 Club: W83NBG & W43NBG

The W83NBG, W43NBG, W63NBG & W33NRG provide an all-encompassing protection for workers working in such harsh working environments mentioned above. It is made up of acrylic fibre that comes with heat retention properties. It's been crafted with seamless polyester with an acrylic lining on the inside & a black NBR coating carrying a sandy finish.

The seamless polyester adds to the comfort, ergonomics & range of free movement & dexterity of the glove. The NBR coating provides further heat insulation while the sandy finish enhances the grip - all essential advantages needed to pull off heavy-duty work in the harsh cold.

Mallcom India: Bringing EN 511 Winter Gloves to the Fore

Mallcom India's Thermal Gloves for Extreme Winter Conditions


Mallcom India is a leading manufacturer and distributor of personal protective equipment (PPE) in India for close to 40 years now. Among its range of products are the EN 511 winter gloves, which have gained popularity for their superior insulation against cold temperatures. These gloves are specially designed to protect hands from extreme cold and provide comfort and flexibility to users. Mallcom India's commitment to quality and innovation has made it a trusted brand in the PPE industry and a go-to provider of thermal winter gloves for workers across various sectors in India.


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