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In the world of industrial safety, the importance of reliable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) cannot be overstated. When it comes to ensuring the utmost protection against fire hazards, Mallcom, a trusted name in the realm of safety gear, stands out with its cutting-edge fire-resistant coveralls. Let's delve into the features and benefits of Mallcom's flame-retardant clothing, including the NFPA-compliant products.

Mallcom's products are engineered with precision to deliver unparalleled protection across various industries. The brand's commitment to safety is evident in its flame-retardant clothing, designed to meet the rigorous standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 2112). These firefighter PPEs provide an additional layer of defense against potential fire hazards, ensuring that workers are shielded from heat, flames, and sparks in high-risk environments.

All products listed in the fire-resistant coverall series ensure top quality & protection:

  • MINSK- Our Flame-Resistant Summer Coverall for industrial personnel protection is made from 88/12% Cotton Nylon with a 240 GSM flame retardant rating, it features FR snap buttons, zipper closure, and reflective tape on arms and legs. The design includes two flaps-covered patch pockets on the chest and back, along with two cross pockets on the hip, combining safety and functionality seamlessly.
  • RIGA- Our Flame-Resistant Summer Shirts are designed for industrial personnel facing brief fire exposures. With an FR Button Closure System, two front chest pockets, and snap button closures, this 200GSM shirt offers comfort and durability in demanding environments.
  • ZAGREB- Our flame-resistant Insulated Jacket is designed for industrial personnel protection against short thermal exposures from fires. Key features include flame-retardant insulation, slant chest pockets with hidden FR zippers, front FR zipper closure with flaps, and FR reflective tape on arms.
  • WARSAW- This Flame-Resistant Insulated Coverall is designed for industrial personnel protection during brief thermal exposures. It has multiple pockets and FR reflective tape on the arms and legs. The design blends 88% cotton and 12% nylon (240GSM) for durability, with a 75/25% wool modacrylic installation and 100% cotton lining (180GSM) for optimal safety and comfort.
  • LISBON- This coverall combines 88/12% cotton nylon shell (240 GSM), 75/25% wool modacrylic insulation, and 100% cotton lining (180 GSM) for superior safety and comfort. The insulated parka features a secure button and zip closure, along with practical storage options like slant chest pockets and hip pockets with hidden snap buttons. Enhanced visibility is ensured by flame-retardant reflective tape around the sleeves.
  • ISTANBUL- This flame-resistant Insulated Bib Trouser protects industrial personnel from short-duration thermal exposures. The shell is made of 88/12% cotton nylon (240GSM), insulation of 75/25% wool modacrylic, and a 100% cotton lining (180GSM). Features include a button with a zip closure system, a small chest pocket on the left side of the bib, elastic braces with front buckles and adjuster, and FR reflective tape on the legs.
  • PARIS- Certified with EN ISO 11611:2015 & EN ISO 11612:2015 standards, this flame-retardant coverall is made of twill (98% cotton, 2% antistatic, 270 GSM). Bi-colored design with plastic press snap front closure, cargo patch pocket, hidden ruler pocket, underarm, and action back panel ventilation. Features front pockets with flaps, back hip patch pocket, 2-way chest zipper with Velcro closure, and arm sleeves with Velcro closure.
  • HELSINKI- Certified with EN ISO 11611:2015 & EN ISO 11612:2015 standards, this khaki flame-retardant workwear is designed for welding and similar tasks made of 100% cotton at 190 GSM. Features include a metal snap button front closure, FR Velcro-adjusted sleeves, and two front pockets with flaps for brief heat and flame protection.
  • COPENHAGEN- Certified with EN ISO 11611:2015 & EN ISO 11612:2015 standards, this fire-resistant khaki trouser is designed for protection against heat and flames. Made from 100% cotton with a flame-retardant finish, weighing 190 GSM. Features include covered pockets, a front closure with a metal snap button and FR zipper, and adjustable sleeves secured with FR Velcro.

The combination of advanced flame-resistant materials, ergonomic design, and functional features to resist ignition ensures that workers are equipped with the best possible defense against the hazards they encounter and firefighters get the valuable time they need to evacuate safely on the front lines.

Our commitment to innovation is evident in the use of state-of-the-art materials and technologies crafted with precision to offer optimal protection without compromising comfort. These products are known for their durability, making them a cost-effective choice providing reliable protection over an extended lifespan. Our understanding that PPE should not hinder a worker's ability to perform tasks by keeping the wearer in mind, ensures comfort and unhindered mobility without sacrificing safety.

Mallcom's products and fire-resistant coveralls are a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to safety. By choosing Mallcom, industries and individuals can maximize protection, and stay confident that they are equipped with top-of-the-line flame-retardant clothing. Prioritize safety without compromise!


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