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Versatile gloves are a thriving safety proposition, as can be seen with Mallcom India’s NIF Techo FL 40. 

These nitrile safety gloves offer the perfect protection in every inch for several applications, making them ideal for various uses.

Gauntlets cover the arm down the length of the wrists a few inches. The NIF Techo FL 40 is a pair of Gauntlet Style NBR Gloves that offer inch-perfect protection against chemicals like oil, by-products, and other hazardous substances. They excel as the best cut-resistant gloves and puncture-resistant gloves, making them a reliable choice for tasks involving sharp objects or materials. They are abrasion-resistant and protective against temperature, sudden hits, punches, and metal impacts. 

Let’s look at the features of NIF Techo FL 40 in detail. 

Materials Used 

The NIF FL Techo 40 has a 300 GSM cotton fleecy interior cut that gives it durability while the fleecy cut makes it soft, warm & comfortable to wear. Moreover, it has 100% cotton interlocking that provides a snug fit due to being ergonomically built.   

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber polymer that is also known as Buna-N or NBR (nitrile-butadiene rubber). It has a high wear resistance and is extremely resilient. It is three times more cut-resistant as well as puncture-resistant than natural rubber, in addition to being resistant to cuts, abrasion, tears, caustics, and punctures. The NIF FL Techo 40 packs a robust nitrile punch and encompasses all the above features.  

Industrial Applications 

Nitrile gloves are used for oil-handling hoses, seals, ear grommets, and self-sealing fuel tanks in the automotive and aerospace industries. Because of its tenacity, NBR is also a good choice for disposable lab, cleaning, and examination gloves. Nitrile safety gloves are more resistant to oils and acids than natural rubber and have greater strength, but it has less flexibility. However, the NIF FL Techo 40 comes with a dexterity level of 5 and offers ample flexibility and freedom of hand movement despite being an NBR glove. As a result, nitrile gloves are more puncture-resistant than natural rubber gloves.  

Highly Effective Against Chemical Hazards 

Regular lab workers frequently come into contact with potentially harmful substances. The NIF Techo Fl 40 NBR gloves are a practical option for shielding these workers from hazardous substances like toxic chemicals and organic solvents due to their chemical resistance. 

Anti-Slip Prevents Injury Risks In Oily Conditions 

Nitrile is a great choice for the oil and gas industry because it is waterproof, greaseproof, and oil-proof. NIF Techo Fl 40 is no exception to these advantages and is completely anti-slip. 

Far Feasible In Pharmaceutical 

The nitrile gloves used for protecting the wearer’s hands, help them stay safe from contamination and prevent them from contaminating any surface they happen to touch. In addition, Nitrile rubber gloves have a lower allergy rate than latex disposable gloves. Hence, the NIF Techo Fl 40 is the better choice for those frontline workers who have allergies or sensitive skin. 

Augurs Advantageous in Agriculture 

Pesticides that are sprayed on crops by farmers or agricultural workers all day run the risk of getting on their hands and being absorbed through the skin. When exposed to these harsh chemicals, nitrile gloves offer protection that won’t easily degrade. 

Certified & Trusted NBR Gloves 

Being EN 388: 2016  + A1:2018 compliant, the NIF Techo FL 40 are protective against the mechanical risks of abrasion, blade cut, tear, and puncture. Moreover, since it is EN 21420:2020 compliant, it notches up an abrasion rating of 4 and dexterity rating of 5, these are easily the most reliable choice in the NBR category for the following applications at a glance: 

  • Chemical process and its applications 
  • Oil and Petrochemical Industry 
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • General janitorial and cleaning operations
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Paints and varnish manufacturing Industry
  • Oil-based machining parts manufacturing
  • Application of pesticides in agriculture

    Mallcom India: 40 Glorious Years of Running the Safety Spectacle 

    With an abundance of expertise in the safety space for more than four decades, we have industrial nitrile gloves with EN & BIS certification that have a massive 14M+ production run of 50+ SKUs and are available in a variety of specifications such as seamless, cut-and-sewn, cut-resistant, and impact-resistant. Mallcom’s NBR Gloves are unparalleled in their ability to provide true adaptability and are used for a wide range of industrial tasks such as welding, driving, and operating complex machinery. Each month, 600,000 NBR gloves are produced by a 400+ workforce.  

    Gone are the days of letting slip safety with the NIF Techo FL 40 Gauntlet Style Cut & Sewn NBR Gloves.  


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