Safety is the New Secret of Growth in the Construction Industry

| | Sumit Roy

The construction industry in India is the second largest contributor to the nation’s economy, providing 308 billion rupees to the GDP. It also provides employment to 16%, i.e. 35 million of India’s working population.

But still, the industry is not operating at full potential. What hinders productivity is the looming threat of safety hazards. 38 lives are lost in the construction industry every day.

Surprisingly, of the workforce employed in the industry, only 20% are covered under the existing health and legal safety framework.

Organizations that refrain from using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) stand to lose a lot. Hazardous incidents stumble workflow degrades employee morale, and workforce enthusiasm. This leads to significant increase in attrition rate. PPE not only improves the safety of workers but also can increase the profits.

How does it do that?

Firstly, it increases the confidence of the workers by making them feel safe. By bringing down the number of workplace hazards exceptionally productivity of the workforce nearly doubles. Increasingly, more and more organizations are realizing the potential of PPE as a tool to increase profit.

A front-runner in enabling profits for construction companies is Mallcom India Limited, a name that is well respected in the PPE industry.

They manufacture a range of safety gear for the world. Let’s get acquainted with three of those that are the favourites in the construction industry.

1. First is DIAMOND XIII, a UV-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) safety helmet that comes with a long list of features. It boasts of having ventilated shell and ratchet adjuster LDPE lining with three bands and 8 fixing points. The wheel ratchet has comfort foam at the back and 2 possible positions of the head measurement for better fixation. This helps instilling confidence among workers against suspended threats.

2. The second shield against dangers comes in the form of M254 leather gloves. It is a natural grain leather mechanical glove. The palms, fingertips and thumb are made of soft grain leather, and the back has spandex for increased dexterity. It comes with a Velcro adjustment for better elasticity and enhanced comfort. This glove is perfect for a dry environment which requires protection against abrasion along with solid gripping.

3. The third layer to kick away dangers is GUINA safety shoes. It’s a low ankle Nubuck leather boot with double density PU sole.  The shoe comes with synthetic lining, moulded antistatic in socks, impact-resistant steel toe cap and insert. It helps the workers protect themselves from resisting impact over 200J and in slippery conditions such as water and oil. The sole is an excellent deterrent towards static electricity and hydrocarbons and also absorbs energy to protect the heel.

The profit-making secret is out there. Now, it depends on the construction companies whether they are satisfied with the current profits or they want to increase them way further. A caring company that is serious about its own worker’s safety grows faster.

If every construction company adopts this measure, it won’t take much time for 308 billion rupees to increase manifold.


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