The Role of Shoe Soles in Foot Health and Comfort

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The comfort and health of our feet are significantly impacted by the soles used in our shoes. One of the top safety shoe producers in India, Mallcom India, is known to manufacture safety footwear with advanced soles that take care of our comfort and foot health. In fact, their renowned safety footwear Tiger Safety Shoes are not only made to keep your feet safe but also improve their comfort and health.

The Significance of Proper Shoe Soles

Our foot health is dependent on the shoe soles.

Good foot health is a product of shoe soles that act as a cushion between our feet and the ground. A proper shoe sole can prevent foot pain, lessen fatigue, and offer sufficient support, whereas an incorrect sole can contribute to various issues, such as blisters, arch pain, and posture problems.

Mallcom India, a trusted manufacturer of safety shoes for industrial use, recognises the importance of shoe soles. We have developed an array of products tailored to various industries to promote the health of your feet under challenging conditions.  This includes high-ankle safety shoes designed to provide extra protection to the ankles in hazardous work conditions.

Technology at the Heart of Shoe Soles

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Mallcom India is its dedication to using cutting-edge technology and sturdy materials such as PU in the creation of its shoe soles.

Let's take a closer look at some of their standout offerings, like the Tiger Lorex safety shoes.

PU Sole Technology

Polyurethane (PU) soles are known for their comfort and toughness. Tiger Lorex safety shoes and other safety footwear from Mallcom India use advanced PU sole technology. This technology ensures that wearers enjoy a comfortable and durable fit. PU soles are excellent at absorbing shocks when standing or walking for long periods. This is vital in reducing strain on your lower back and feet.

Slip-Resistant Soles

There is a high risk of accidents in fields where workers are exposed to slippery surfaces. In Tiger Safety Shoes, Mallcom India's slip-resistant soles offer excellent traction and stability to lessen the likelihood of slips and falls. Even in hazardous working environments, these soles are built to keep you safe.

Anti-Fatigue Soles

Mallcom India provides anti-fatigue soles for occupations requiring prolonged standing, such as those in healthcare, manufacturing, or hospitality. These unique soles, found on Tiger Lorex safety shoes, are made to reduce the impact on your feet, legs, and back so you can work comfortably and effectively all day long.

Customized Solutions

Mallcom India is aware that every industry and activity has its own requirements. They provide specialised solutions suited to particular industries as a result, including high-ankle safety shoes for added security. You can find shoes with soles made to meet the needs of your profession, whether you work in construction, agriculture, healthcare, or any other industry. One example is Tiger Safety Shoes. This degree of customization makes sure that throughout your workday, you not only stay safe but also feel as comfortable as possible.

Steel Toe Caps: An Upper Extension of Shoe Soles

An upper extension of the outsole, steel toe caps are an essential protection for foot health in a variety of industries. With the capacity to withstand impacts of up to 200 J, Mallcom's range of safety footwear effectively wards off nail penetration. This makes steel toe caps an essential tool for maintaining foot health and safety in the workplace. Used by sectors like agriculture, defence & security, FMCG, hospitality, pharmaceutical, oil, gas, and petrochemical steel toe caps ensure the welfare of the industrial workforce.


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