Application of M35NBV Seamless Nitrile Gloves Across Industries

| | Sumit Roy

No matter the kind of work we try to accomplish, it always involves the use of our hands. In sports such as cricket, where the batsman and the wicketkeepers are wearing gloves or goalkeepers in football or hockey, the need for gloves remains relevant. Coming to heavy-duty industries, the work that the factory personnel do often entails many risks. In addition, such work needs a certain extent of deftness and precision. This is because industry workers oftentimes deal with delicate machinery or operate touch screens. In essence, protective equipment that combines dexterity and protection is the demand for carrying out such tasks.  

This is where the M35NBV – seamless nitrile gloves with Foamyflex technology arrive as an ideal answer to executing such tasks that demand protection and precision needed for micro tactile movements, especially in the automobile and the paint industry.  

Many of you might be wondering, why nitrile and not latex? Nitrile or NBR is a synthetic rubber that performs better at providing durability than latex. It has high heat-resisting capabilities that make it a great candidate for the aviation industry.  

Get a grip on your tasks 

The M35NBV, composed of nitrile, provides an excellent grip. This is primarily because nitrile is an excellent elastomer. Therefore, its elasticity becomes advantageous for workers who need to be able to maintain a strong grip while performing moderately heavier tasks. This is because nitrile’s elastic properties prevent the gloves from coming off when subjected to heavy load.  

The M35NBV is also made up of a spandex blended shell that ensures an even tighter fit while providing ample flexibility. This further adds to the strong grip required to stand up to industry demands. 

Gloves with knitted wrists go the extra mile in providing a better fit. The M35NBV is a perfect example of such gloves 

Breathability for feasibility 

When safety workers are toiling for extended hours, the question of endurance and sustenance comes into the picture. The breathable back of the M35NBV comes in handy to provide ample air ventilation to facilitate long hours of usage. Hence, the workers do not have to take breaks from time to time to take off the gloves due to the build-up of fatigue.  

Anti-Slip for oily environments 

Workers from the oil, gas & petrochemical industry conduct tasks under greasy and oily conditions. The nitrile foamy structured coating for the M35NBV absorbs most of the oil. Thereby, it helps workers operate efficiently staving off the chances of unforeseen slips and falls.  

Comfort & Aesthetics Covered 

Mallcom India is a PPE brand that not only pays attention to the latest state-of-the-art technologies to match global safety standards that cover durability and flexibility while meeting the demands of product supply. They achieve this with the help of 350+ manpower to meet the production of 700K pairs of NBR Gloves per month. All this is accounted for, whilst keeping aesthetics and comfort in equal measure.  

The aesthetically X-yarn fused binding along with black-coloured nitrile coating on palms and fingers add to the designated style of the M35NBV. When such aesthetics combine with the softness and breathable back, the glove truly becomes the epitome of comfort and style. 

EN 388 Certified – All-round resistance 

The M35NBV are EN 388 compliant and go through independent testing to gauge their resistance to abrasion, cuts, tears, and punctures. Cut resistance is rated 1–5, whereas all the other physical performance factors are given a score from 1-4. The abrasion resistance for these pairs is top-notch scoring a perfect 4 on 4. In addition, they also come with cut, dust, scratches and vibration resistance to a certain level.  

Mallcom India: Handful Of Top Safety 

In a challenging industrial setting, hand protection is essential. It needs reliable protection that is sanctioned by EN 388 standards. In this regard, the M35NBV is a dependable choice. The Mallcom product line, however, goes beyond the M35NBV. Industrial nitrile gloves with EN & BIS certification clock a massive 14M+ production of 50+ SKUs and come in a variety of specifications, including seamless, cut-and-sewn, cut-resistant, and impact-resistant. Mallcom’s NBR Gloves are unmatched in their ability to provide true adaptability and are used for a variety of industrial tasks including welding, driving, and operating complicated machinery. 

In constant pursuit of raising the bar of head-to-toe safety for the last 40 years, Mallcom’s had a significant hand in upholding the standards of hand protective gear as well. The M35NBV is a nitrile glove that packs the rare blend of protection, tactility, comfort and aesthetics that makes for a versatile solution that works across myriad industries. 


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