Choosing the Right Safety Gloves: A Comprehensive Guide to EN Standards

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Mallcom is India's leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) brand known for its commitment to quality and safety. With a wide range of products, including safety gloves, Mallcom has a strong presence in the Indian market and plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of workers across various industries.

The EN Standards are a set of technical standards that define the minimum requirements and provide a uniform and reliable way to assess the quality and effectiveness of safety gloves. It is important to understand the European Standards (EN) standards, as they are widely recognized. Among the essential PPE components are safety gloves, which protect hands from various hazards, such as cuts, chemicals, heat, and more.

Read it further to make informed decisions when selecting safety gloves for your specific work environment.

Let’s understand the following key EN standards:

EN 388 - Mechanical Protection

EN 388 is the standard for assessing the mechanical protection provided by gloves. It classifies based on their resistance to Abrasion, Blade cut, Tear, Puncture, TDM cut & Impact resistance. Each parameter is rated on a scale from 0 to 4, 0 – 5 for blade cut & A-F for TDM cut, with a higher score indicating better protection. Make sure the gloves you select fit your demands precisely in terms of protection.

EN 407 - Heat Resistance

EN 407 is essential when working in environments with high temperatures. This standard evaluates the glove's ability to resist thermal hazards such as heat and flames. In these kinds of situations, EN 407-certified safety gloves will provide the required protection.

EN 374 - Chemical Resistance

EN 374 is essential for those working with chemicals. This standard evaluates how resistant the glove is to microbial and chemical infiltration. Gloves that meet this requirement ought to protect against a wide range of chemicals. Select gloves bearing the EN 374 certification when dealing with hazardous chemicals.

EN 511 - Cold Protection

The EN 511 is the standard when working in cold conditions. It uses a 0–4 rating system to evaluate the glove's resistance to cold and convective cold. Select gloves with an appropriate EN 511 rating to ensure comfort and safety in cold conditions.

EN 21420: General Requirements for PPE Gloves

EN ISO 21420 sets the mandatory standards for all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gloves. This encompasses crucial aspects such as comfort, innocuousness, marking, packaging, and user instructions. Choose gloves tested under the 21420 standard to guarantee optimal comfort and performance across diverse conditions.

When it comes to ensuring the safety and protection of workers, safety gloves are a critical component of PPE. It is essential to understand EN standards, such as EN 388, EN 374, EN 407 EN 511 & 21420  to make the right choice when selecting safety gloves. Mallcom, India's leading PPE brand, offers a wide range of gloves that meet these standards, ensuring the highest level of protection for your specific work environment.

Don't compromise on safety; choose safety gloves that adhere to the EN standards to protect your most valuable assets: your hands. Mallcom is your trusted partner in ensuring safety and quality when it comes to personal protective equipment.

You deserve the best protection!


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