From Mechanic to Machinist: The Best Industrial Hand Gloves

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The hand is the most vital part of the body. Whether they are mechanics or machinists, safeguarding these priceless assets is integral to their jobs. Safety comes first, as they say, and the appropriate industrial safety hand gloves can help to ensure that modern gloves for hand protection from Mallcom are available to protect your hands and secure them.

Let’s explore the realm of hand gloves and focus on important characteristics like cut resistance and general protection. 

What Is the Role of Safety Hand Gloves?

Various hazards, such as sharp objects, heavy machinery, and extreme temperatures, can be found in industrial environments. Even a minor injury could be fatal if you are not equipped with proper safety gear, particularly for your hands.

 Safety hand gloves can make a huge difference. Purchasing high-quality hand gloves is an investment in life.

Factors To Consider

The market offers a variety of industrial safety hand gloves. However, choosing the best one can be a delightful challenge. Identify specific risks in your workplace. According to your preferences, select the appropriate materials for it Depending on the risks, choose a glove made of synthetic leather, (made of nylon, polyurethane (PU) combination), Neoprene, poly spandex, with or without sweat absorption, with or without knuckle protection, with or without fingerless option, with or without para-aramid liner. To provide the best possible protection, it should be comforting. Alternatively, you can select gloves that guarantee a firm grip on tools while providing sufficient flexibility to complete tasks.  

Cut-Resistant Gloves

Cut-resistant hand gloves are needed when handling sharp objects, metal, or glass. The best options among Mallcom's selection of cut-resistant hand gloves among the Mechanical gloves are the MACH 42, MACH 43, and EN388-certified variants. These gloves are made of knitted para-aramid as liner inside the micro-suede based mechanical gloves that provides unmatched protection against wounds and cuts. The resistance level can be measured on a scale, with higher numbers indicating higher protection. To keep yourself safe while working, wear the proper cut-resistant gloves.

Gloves with Versatile Protection 

Mallcom extends its safety commitments beyond cut resistance. The features of Mach 31 and Mach 32 include durability and versatility. These gloves are made with artificial leather and honeycomb-shaped PU materials for slip resistance. incorporates palm padding for sweat absorption and anti-vibration. Extra padding has been added around the knuckle area to protect the hand and cushion from adverse impacts.

Hand Protection For individual needs

Mallcom offers a diverse range of hand gloves to meet the unique needs of individuals. From soft grain leather general work M464 gloves to rubberized cuffs with coloured binding M354 gloves, there are many gloves for hand protection, whether for the toughness of heavy machinery operations or the precision of assembly work. We prioritize comfort and functionality so that workers can work as hard as possible without sacrificing safety.

Industrial safety hand gloves are crucial for mechanics and machinists, as they protect hands from hazards like sharp objects, heavy machinery, and extreme temperatures. Mallcom offers modern gloves with cut resistance and general protection, such as the Mach 22 and Mach 23 models. They also provide overall protection gloves like the Mach 31 and Mach 32, which offer durability and versatility. These gloves cater to individual needs and ensure safety in the workplace.

Mallcom, an ISO-certified PPE brand in India, is the largest integrated manufacturer and distributor of head-to-toe protection for major importers. With 300+ SKUs and five product categories, it leads innovation in safety equipment production. Visit our website today to browse our excellent collection of industrial safety equipment and choose the perfect gloves for your needs.


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