How does Mallcom’s disposable coverall prevent the risks of contamination across various sectors?

| | Sumit Roy

Coveralls are industrial protective clothing or safety workwear made to protect against dangerous substances. In fact, it is meant to protect both the industrial product and workers from the adverse effects of contamination. They are primarily employed as a defence against low-hazard splashes and sprays and dry particles.  

Coveralls are mostly used in the healthcare industry in the spheres of biotechnology and pharmaceutical.  

Coveralls ought to be professionally disposed of by professional launderers given that such safety apparel can be exposed to contaminants such as asbestos or lead. This is to prevent the risk of employees bringing contaminated coveralls home and inadvertently exposing their families. This is why coveralls are meant for one-time use and are perfect candidates for immediate disposal. 

JD7AY: Mallcom’s Answer to Industrial Toxicities 

The JD7AY is a disposable coverall with 60 GSM seam sealed externally. It has three beams of Spunbound and two beams of Meltbrown; hence it is a Penta-layered polypropylene fabric (SSMMS). Fine filtration, low-pressure drop, acoustic insulation, and considerable strength and elongation are some of this fabric’s outstanding advantages. 

Not only does JD7AY do a great job at protecting against biohazards, but its micro-porous fabric also facilitates decent air ventilation in the suit. With elastic cuffs, the waist and ankles enable better freedom of movement and a tailored and comfortable overall fit.  

Let’s look at its key features: 

·        Made of 60 GSM SSMMS fabric 

·        Elastic loops are stitched with the cuff for seamless insertion of fingers 

·        The garment is externally stitched to avoid contamination on the insides 

·        Heat seal seamed tape 

·        Zip-closure system page Break 

Industry Applications Across Various Sectors 

The Mallcom disposable coverall JD7AY is constructed from breathable, water-resistant, and lightweight SSMMS nonwoven fabric. It offers 100 percent protection against pathogenic biological pollutants across sectors –  

The industry applications include: 

• Low-pressure industrial cleaning and building cleaning 

• Chemical and pharmaceutical industries 

• Handling paints and varnishes 

• Agriculture and horticulture 

• Pest control 

• Electronics and cleanroom environments 

• Remediation of contaminated sites 

• Biotechnology, Virology laboratory uses 

 • Pathology laboratory uses 

• Livestock breeding and veterinary applications 

 • Waste management 

The Trust of Authentic Certification 

This safety coverall complies with PPE regulation 2016/425, which adheres to the standards with regard to ergonomics, innocuousness, comfort, ventilation, and flexibility with standards: 

·        EN 13034: 2005 + A1:2009 (Protection against chemical splashes) 

·        EN 14605:2005 + A1:2009 

·        EN ISO 13982-1:2004+A1:2010 (Protection against solid particulates) 

·        EN 14325:2004 

·        EN ISO 13688:2013 (General Requirements for Safety Garments) 

·        IS 17423:2020 

Mallcom India: India’s largest Producer of Safety Workwear 

Mallcom is one of the biggest exclusive safety workwear producers in India, manufacturing approximately 3.6 million safety workwear pieces annually. The JD7AY is one of the diverse ranges of safety workwear housed by Mallcom India. It is part of the disposable workwear range.  

Our premium workwear includes uniforms, multi-norm, throwaway, rainwear, winter protection, lightweight to heavy-duty workwear, and corporate casualwear. With these unique SKUs, Mallcom safeguards employees in a variety of industries, including healthcare, hospitality, chemical, metallurgy, and aviation, to mention a few. What’s noteworthy is that they are all Flame Retardant EN-ISO 11611/11612, NFPA 2112, ASTM 1506, and hi-vis EN-ISO 20471 compatible. 

Within this category, we also have casual workwear that complies with EN13688 Standard. and is constructed of the highest-quality polyester and cotton, giving the garment good shrinkage and dimensional stability as well as the greatest level of protection against workplace dangers. 

With an experience of 40 years, Mallcom India Ltd. is one of the largest integrated PPE manufacturers catering to complete head-to-toe protection needs across 55 + countries. 

Where there is safety,  there is Mallcom India. 


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