Benefits of Using Safety Gears In Security and Defence

| | Sumit Roy

Being a security guard is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. They have to protect the employer, the property they are hired to guard, and also ensure their safety as well.

They are constantly at risk of sustaining serious injuries due to natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, and tornados), environmental conditions (extreme temperatures, high humidity, heavy rains, and lightning), and internationally approved acts of destruction (theft, vandalism, and arson). If they survive all this, they, since most of their jobs are expected to stand at the gates, have to breathe the highly polluted air, which, needless to say, can cause serious health problems and may even cause early death. As per a study by Sevenish Law, “An estimated 6.8 percent of all fatal injuries and 3.3 percent of all non-fatal injuries between 2003 and 2009, incurred by security guards were a result of exposure to harmful environmental substances”. [Study]

Ensuring the personal safety of security guards is of utmost importance for employers. Let’s take a look at some personal protective equipment that can help employers guarantee the highest safety standards for security guards.

1. Clothing

Protective clothing is an extremely important aspect a person employing security guards must consider. It consists of the following categories:

1.1 High-Visibility clothing is important as it increases the security guards’ visibility in the dark, and also serves two additional purposes (1) Firstly, it is crucial for the security guard’s safety, and secondly (2) it discourages burglars & thieves when they see the presence of guards.

1.2 Bullet-Proof vest helps absorb the impact of bullets and is a critical personal protection component for anybody working in the security and defense industries.

2. Footwear

Every individual working in the security industry strongly believes that boots are an investment worth making. Security personnel’s, who work outdoors for a long duration, require proper safety gear to protect themselves against outdoor elements. The perfect footwear for security professionals is safety boots, which, in most cases, are black boots or shoes.

That said, since the majority of security jobs involve the guards to stand at the gate for a very long time, employers need to invest in custom footwear that provides maximum comfort, greater durability, and excellent foot support. Footwear with a better grip will save them against injuries on multiple surfaces and under difficult weather conditions.

3. Belt

Security people require a custom made belt that lets them carry their required equipment everywhere they go. The belts should have features that either slides or clip onto the belt to let security personnel carry as many devices as they are required to carry to perform their duties.

“An estimated 65.3 percent of all fatal injuries for security guards occur during overnight hours”. [Study]

Security professionals are often in the front line of defense. They have to be extremely cautious while dealing with any kind of mishaps. Inadequate safety measures can put them in life-threatening situations. Therefore, no matter whether their job is to safeguard people, property, or assets, being equipped with the right personal safety equipment is essential.


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