National safety unfiltered: Raising Industrial awareness!

| | Sumit Roy

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Safety has been such a common yet underestimated word throughout generations, with the urge to take on risks and give ourselves a boost of adrenaline, we leave behind the basic necessity that can actually keep us going for the long run.

Even with so many signs & announcements on safety and security everywhere, we tend to take safety for granted.

India observes National Safety Day on March 4 every year. This day is set aside to raise awareness of the value of workplace safety and health and to avoid any accidents and mishaps.

The main objective of initiating the national safety week is to develop as well as encourage a voluntary movement on Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) at the national level.

This National Safety Week, Mallcom India has come up with an initiative to spread awareness all across the globe about the different kinds of safety equipment needed to foster workplace safety across specific industries.

Safety unfiltered: Augmenting the industrial reality for the youth

Mallcom India is going to launch an AR filter to keep you in touch with the safety standards maintained by most industrial fields, from hospitals to factories promoting an environment safe for work.

With the main aim to educate the youth about industrial safety and spread awareness amongst a larger population as well, Mallcom India has taken the most innovative leap to reach out towards the young and curious minds of the nation.

With a week-long agenda to help each and every individual stay informed, especially the youth, about the most basic yet crucial safety standards that need to be maintained to create a protective shield in every work-life situation.

The new AR filter by Mallcom is set to create a visionary moment for several youngsters who are yet to learn the safety propositions.

This filter will give you a realistic experience of every industry.

The continuous slides of backdrops and simultaneous shifts of equipment that work collaterally with every industry will make the AR experience way more interactive.

Being India’s leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) brand with presence in more than 50 countries on 6 continents, Mallcom India’s decision to take the AR route to propagate the ideals of safety across the length & breadth of India shouldn’t be of much surprise.

With close to 40 years of expertise, it was time Mallcom India stepped up to speak to the youth via the crutches of modern-day technology that’s most relatable to this demographic.


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