Exploring the Diverse Applications of Disposable (Unsupported) Gloves

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Among the contenders in the realm of protective handwear, nitrile emerges as the "jack of all trades" among polymers, an unparalleled guardian for protecting our hands. It is a material so robust that it surpasses latex by up to 5 times in puncture resistance, living up to the testing conditions where snags, abrasions, and punctures abound.

The applications of Disposable (unsupported) nitrile gloves are as diverse as the situations they find themselves in.

The Uses Of Disposable (unsupported) Nitrile Gloves

From the medical world, where precision and hygiene intertwine, to the industrial realm, where protection against a myriad of substances is of paramount importance, Disposable (unsupported) nitrile gloves have become ubiquitous. 

Oily and Automotive Degreasing Applications

Disposable (unsupported) nitrile gloves take centre stage in the gritty world of oily and automotive degreasing. Their remarkable resistance to oils and solvents makes them the go-to choose for workers dealing with the challenges of grease-laden environments. One of the best examples is Mallcom’s NU113G, an unlined Unsupported nitrile glove that’s ideal for handling mild acids, oils and grease. It carries certifications such as EN ISO 374-1 TYPE A and EN 388+ A1, making it durable against hazardous chemicals and mechanical risks.

Poultry and Red Meat Processing

In the heart of poultry and red meat processing, where precision and cleanliness are paramount, Disposable (unsupported) nitrile gloves shine. Their unique combination of heat and water resistance renders them invaluable for handling fats and greases, ensuring hygiene without compromising on durability.

Healthcare Applications

In healthcare, where precision meets high stakes, Disposable (unsupported) nitrile gloves emerge as the frontline defenders. Forming an integral part of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the NF153G, produced by Mallcom, is a flock-lined nitrile safety glove standing as a formidable barrier, preventing cross-contamination. It carries the following certifications:

- EN ISO 374-1 TYPE protecting against dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms.

- EN 388+ A1  protecting against mechanical risks.

- EN ISO 374-5 that protects against viruses.

As far as patient care is concerned, these trustworthy gloves can be relied upon for safeguarding both healthcare workers and patients from the insidious spread of germs and viruses.

Laboratory Applications

The management of chemical substances demands a meticulous approach, and Disposable (unsupported) nitrile gloves emerge as an effective solution for facilitating such sincerity, conscientiousness and precision. Their commendable resistance to a diverse array of chemicals establishes a protective barrier, mitigating the risk of inadvertent exposure for scientists and researchers.

In the precise realm of mixing and measuring chemicals, Disposable (unsupported) nitrile gloves provide dexterity that’s much needed in labs. By guaranteeing a secure grip and preventing contamination during experimental procedures, these gloves play a crucial role in upholding the integrity of scientific processes.

Beyond shielding hands from potential cuts and abrasions, these gloves become a safeguarding mechanism, ensuring tidy upkeep of laboratory instruments without compromising the safety and well-being of the individuals involved.

The versatile utility of Disposable (unsupported) nitrile gloves becomes evident, providing a foundation of security and precision for those navigating the complexities of chemical handling, experimentation, and laboratory maintenance.

However, like most materials, nitrile is not without limitations.

What should you not use nitrile gloves for?

Disposable (unsupported) nitrile gloves fall short in shielding against ketones, acetates, concentrated acids, and corrosive chemicals. While they offer some resistance to toxins like lead and arsenic, they aren't entirely impervious. It's essential to acknowledge these limitations and exercise caution when using Disposable (unsupported) nitrile gloves in environments with potential exposure to these substances. Understanding these constraints ensures informed and prudent usage, aligning with safety protocols where comprehensive protection against specific hazardous materials is critical.

What are Unsupported nitrile gloves suitable for?

Disposable (unsupported) nitrile gloves excel in healthcare, food service, and labs, offering robust protection against germs, harsh chemicals, and punctures. Picture doctors, chefs, and scientists confidently shielded in diverse tasks. Hypoallergenic and flexible, they eliminate latex allergy concerns and allow for seamless task handling. Whether preventing cross-contamination in hospitals or ensuring cleanliness in messy jobs, Disposable (unsupported) nitrile gloves prove to be versatile and reliable companions.

In the expansive domain of protective handwear, Mallcom’s Disposable (unsupported) nitrile gloves emerge as unparalleled guardians. Being one of the top nitrile gloves manufacturers in India with over 14M+ production of 50+ SKUs of

industrial nitrile gloves credibly certified by EN and BIS. It surpasses latex gloves with fivefold puncture resistance.

From healthcare's exacting precision to industrial fortification against diverse substances, their ubiquity is indisputable. In challenging arenas like automotive degreasing and meat processing, nitrile's resistance to oils and solvents stands out. In healthcare, they form a stalwart defense, crafted by Mallcom, averting cross-contamination with steadfast commitment. Laboratories find an ally in nitrile, ensuring meticulous chemical handling.

However, it's crucial to consider that, despite their versatile utility, users should weigh the advantages against the nitrile gloves' price, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on security and precision in healthcare, food service, and labs.


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