Stay Dry, Work Smart: Rainwear Par International Standards

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Staying dry is not only a great concern but also a major hurdle within heavy-duty industries. It is a prerequisite and a tall ask for heavy-duty industries that expose the workforce to the forces of nature like excessive rain. This holds especially true in tropical countries like India.

Whether faced with torrential downpours, splashes of liquid, or rigorous work conditions, maintaining dryness becomes a critical priority. In such demanding environments, where the interplay between safety, comfort, and productivity is pivotal, effective solutions for staying dry take centre stage.


Why is rainwear essential during monsoons?

 Rainwear is indispensable during the monsoon season as it addresses the universal need to remain both dry and comfortable. The permeation of water into our clothing not only compromises our immediate comfort but also undermines our immunity and overall health. By shielding us from moisture, the best raincoats in India provide a crucial barrier that ensures our well-being in the face of seasonal challenges.

Why do we need rainwear that adheres to international standards?

 International rainwear standards guarantee safe garments by setting criteria for water resistance, breathability, and durability. Adhering to these standards reduces the risk of leaks, tears, and waterlogging, ultimately preventing accidents.

These guidelines are established by global bodies like ISO and ASTM, ensuring uniform safety and quality worldwide for manufacturers, retailers, and regulators.

What are the most important rainwear features for an industrial worker?

 For industrial workers, the most crucial features of raincoats encompass the following attributes.  



Advanced rainwear incorporates waterproof materials to ensure maximum dryness during heavy rainfall. PU-coated & water-repellent raincoat Stratus by Mallcom is your best bet. It performs well in India across varying intensity levels of rainfall.  



A smart raincoat prioritizes breathability, enabling industrial workers in India to remain both dry and comfortable even while exerting themselves. The fabric of Mallcom’s Stratus has 90 GSM with a plain weave that brings the best comfort & helps preserve heat.


Detachable Hood

Another vital feature is the inclusion of a detachable hood. This provides versatility, allowing workers to adapt their raincoats to different tasks and environments. The detachable hood of Nimbus offers an added layer of convenience and practicality, making it essential for industrial settings.

Why is being dry important for industrial workers?

 Being dry and shielded against rain is important for industrial workers for a number of reasons.


Health Safety

Getting wet in cold weather makes your body vulnerable to cold, viruses and other pathogens. It can increase the risk of hypothermia. The best raincoats come with 100% polyester fabric with seam taping. They help the workers in India preserve heat besides keeping them dry.


Preserve Productivity

In the absence of appropriate rainwear, workers may fail to stay dry. Under such circumstances, they run the risk of falling sick.

Rain can impede productivity. It carries the risk of contracting the common cold & other infections. The severity of these infections ranges from mild to slightly more serious. In this context, the 100% polyester fabric of Stratus rainwear with seam taping helps industrial workers stay dry and warm.

The feeling of evident & dependable safety from the rain combines with the comfort of warmth to improve their productivity.


Safety of equipment

Rain can also damage industrial equipment.

Additionally, raincoats help workers in India better protect their equipment from rain to a certain extent. The Stratus comes with a 1000 mm PU coating that best serves the above purpose.  In this way, safety rainwear prevents the likelihood of accidents & injuries.

Compliance with regulations

In some industries, it is required by law that industrial workers wear raincoats. In the best interest of the worker, such mandates make the safety of the workers non-negotiable.


An undisputed choice: Mallcom’s Stratus-sphere of Rain Guard

In the realm of rain protection, Mallcom India’s 40 years of expertise reign supreme. Our Stratus & Nimbus range of safety raincoats emerges as the steadfast guardians of safety amidst refreshing but often challenging downpours.

Crafted with a robust 100% polyester exterior and fortified with a PU coating, these raincoats are tailor-made for industries like construction, mining, and agriculture.

 Mallcom India’s products go beyond the ordinary, empowering workers with flexible protection against the elements. With features like the detachable hood, storm flap zipper protection, and utility pockets, our safety rainwear in Stratus & Nimbus ensures that you're always prepared to face diverse weather conditions with unwavering confidence.

Embrace the unparalleled safety and functionality of Mallcom's products, and redefine your outlook on rain protection.


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