Guide to Choosing Penetration Resistant Safety Footwear

| | Sumit Roy

Puncture-resistant safety shoes are a crucial line of defence against workplace hazards. Some of these common hazards entail the risk of objects falling on or coming under the worker’s feet or sharp objects that could pierce the shoe’s outsole. Sharp objects like screws, spikes, sharp scrap metal, or other nuisances like rusty nails can pose a threat to workers’ feet in hazardous industries. Moreover, it can deposit bacteria and debris deep into the tissues, which may result in fatal infections. Hence, it becomes necessary to put on puncture-resistant (PR) safety footwear specifically designed to protect you from such dangers. 

Common Questions About Anti-Penetration Safety Shoes Now Answered 

What makes these shoes resistant to penetration? 

The midsole is the part of these PR safety shoes that makes them anti-penetration. Steel or woven fabric (meta-aramid/para-aramid) makes these PR midsoles. Double density (Polyurethane) PU midsoles are equally effective as penetration-resistant options. Protective midsoles like Steel or Aramid are integrated during the manufacturing process between the insole and outsole of these puncture-resistant shoes. PU, on the other hand, is directly injected for maximum resistance. 

Difference Between Steel and Aramid Midsole 

Compared to textile/Aramid materials, the Stainless-steel midsole is more cost-effective. Although steel midsoles are better at protecting against sharp objects, they are not as flexible as Aramid due to their metallic properties. Aramid, are more comfortable than steel. Having a solid strength-to-weight ratio, Aramid offers high temperature, abrasion, and cut resistance, given how lightweight it is. In summary, although Aramid makes for a more versatile and comfortable option, steel midsoles are still better at providing better puncture resistance underfoot in heavy-duty industries for sudden heavy blunt impact. 

Is there a distinction between Aramid and para-aramid fabric? 

The word ‘para’ is indicative of the texture of the material. Aramid is semi-crystalline, whereas para-aramid is completely crystalline. As a result, para-aramid has high strength, in fact, more than Aramid as it has crystalline structure. That is why it bodes well for PR safety shoes with anti-penetrative properties as high impact resistance. However, its heat-resistance properties are relatively lower than Aramid since it’s completely crystalline. 

How effective is Double Density PU  sole? 

Double density PU soles are penetration-resistant because they have a more rigid outer layer that resists wear and tear. Equally proficient at protecting against sharp objects, PU midsoles are perfect for industries where durability is non-negotiable, such as the automotive industry and civil/construction sites. The double-density PU midsole creates a barrier that keeps liquid and debris from entering the shoes. In addition,  such a construction inhibits moisture from seeping inside and causing damage – a complete all-rounder.  

Why do PR safety shoes have composite toe caps? 

To create a metal-free, lightweight work boot, puncture-resistant shoes with woven fabrics (aramid/para-aramid) midsoles are also likely to have a composite toe cap. This becomes crucial in places where metal detectors are used, such as airports, and government buildings, to scan and prevent the entry of prohibited objects and it works as “ Non- Metalic Safety Footwear”. 

Maximum Puncture Resistance with Mallcom’s Double-Density PU Shoes 

Pioneering the manufacturing of Direct Injected Polyurethane (PU) Safety Footwear, Mallcom India produces feet protection gears that cater to industries like construction, mining & metallurgy, and other heavy-duty industries. With our line-up of low-ankle and mid-ankle Freddie Shoes with double-density PU outsole, workers are safeguarded against sharp objects that can otherwise easily cut through their feet if left unprotected. These stylish lifestyle safety shoes are available in various colors and offer the perfect blend of safety and aesthetics. Being lightweight, it delivers unparalleled comfort, while a composite toe cap provides a 200J impact resistance. Lastly, these shoes up the ante using a TPU shock absorber for maximum resistance to penetration.  

With an industry legacy of 38+ years, Mallcom’s unmatched reputation for protecting industrial workers from head-to-toe remains resistant to drops in quality and performance. 

With safe feet, comes safer anti-penetration shoes by Mallcom India.   


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