Introducing our latest Designer Surgical Face Masks

| | Sumit Roy

We have recently launched our new range of designer surgical face masks which are BIS Class 2  certified,  that offer the highest level of protection . Available in a wide range of  assorted and solid colours, the  designer surgical  masks come with several features. Here are some of its salient features

Salient Features of Mallcom’s Designer Surgical Face Masks 

1.)   BIS Class 2 Certified 

Our designer surgical face masks is BIS Class 2 certified. As per BIS 16289 standard Class 2 is given based on performance requirement such as Bacterial filtration efficiency & differential pressure bacteria filtration efficiency.The minimum  requirement is 98% and differential  minimum pressure requirement is< 49.0 Pa

Mallcom’s range of Unisex Disposable Hygiene-Surgical Face Mask are BIS Class II certified and offer a high Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE ) of 98%  at  3 microns. 

BIS 16289:2014 covers three classes of face masks based on performance: Class I, Class II, Class III (Class III being the highest level of certification). To obtain any of the three Class Certifications, a face mask has to go through and qualify several tests: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, Differential Pressure test, Splash Resistance, Sub-Micron Particulate Filtration Efficiency and Conditioning Chamber test.

BIS – Bureau of Indian Standards is the National Standard Body. Although it is voluntary, the Government of India has made BIS Certification mandatory for certain products taking into consideration public health. What does it do? BIS Certification is a means for providing third party guarantee of quality, safety and reliability of products to the customer. 

For more info about BIS certification, you can check the PDF by BIS. 

2.)    3 Layers of Protection 
To further enhance the safety quotient, the Mallcom mask boasts three different layers offering different safety features. All the three layers and their unique benefits are explained  below. 

•   Outer Hydrophobic Layer blocks fine dust & bacterial invasion. 
•   Middle Meltblown layer with nose pin prevents fog & moisture from entering inside the mask
•   The third layer – the super soft & fine fiber layer ensures excellent skin affinity and helps absorb sweat & grease that accumulates on the skin overtime.  

3.)    Anti-droplets & Anti-dust 
As evident from the term, the stylish range of disposable surgical masks are anti-droplet and anti-dust. What does it mean? Starting with Anti-Droplet, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recently created a new standard for safety masks. According to this new standard, safety masks must be designed to filter out small, airborne droplets capable of spreading coronavirus infections, while being warm-weather friendly. Talking about the anti-dust feature, it helps the mask keep away fine dust particles, oil, and aqueous based mist.

4.)  Welded Elastic Ear Hooks for added comfort
One of the worst things about wearing a face mask the entire day is the discomfort it brings to your ears. And thus, a lot of people take out their mask, exposing themselves to the risk of getting affected by the virus. Mallcom’s range of disposable surgical masks are here to change that. The entire range features Welded Elastic Ear Hooks which ensures the highest level of comfort to the wearer’s ear all day long. 

Summing up, the entire range of stylish and disposable  designer Surgical Face Masks are available on Amazon. The masks are pre sanitized to ensure the mask is safe, clean & ready to be used.Click here to purchase one or in bulk. 


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