Jasper Helmet: Lighter, Smarter, Stronger!

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Helmets are essential and required on practically all construction, mining and industrial sites. They are the most frequent and fundamental type of PPE.

What is the composition of a safety helmet?

A safety helmet is made up of three parts:
The cover (outer section): It protects the head from impact.
The harness: It provides shock absorption.
The chinstrap: The helmet is held firmly on the head by the chinstrap, which is an adjustable strap beneath the chin.

Jasper – A lightweight safety helmet by Mallcom

Mallcom’s Jasper lightweight safety helmet is subjected to numerous tests, including impact resistance and flame retardance, among others.

When selecting a safety helmet, various elements must be considered. The level of protection provided by a safety helmet depends on the activity. A construction helmet, for example, cannot be used for demolition work because it does not provide the same level of protection. There is no one-size-fits-all helmet, and there are numerous trade-offs to consider when deciding which is ideal for a job. The first thing to think about is the trade-off between performance and comfort. High-performance helmets are relatively heavy, and while they provide maximum protection, unsupervised wearers may be tempted to remove the more cumbersome designs, leaving them with no protection at all, so balancing protection with comfort may be necessary to maintain compliance. It is also important to know how long the helmet will be worn by the operator. For longer periods, the helmet’s lightness should be considered. A high-performance lightweight safety helmet, like Jasper is a preferred option.

Mallcom Jasper is a tough UV-resistant HDPE safety helmet, which is the lightest in its category. Its lightweight nature makes it long-lasting that meets a wide range of performance standards. For adaptability, it is available with ratchet or zip adjustment. It offers superb head protection and is extremely durable. As a CATEGORY II helmet, this helmet conforms to PPE REGULATION 2016/425 and it is also BIS certified.

Jasper lightweight helmet is a testimony to a service that has constantly evolved to provide the finest in Head Protection to personnel working in the most challenging environments.

Jasper Helmet’s key features:

  • Lightweight and long-lasting, Jasper Helmet meets a wide range of safety and performance standards.
  • It comes with a heavy-duty HDPE shell which is UV-resistant.
  • Compatible with a wide selection of safety equipment and metal working accessories (including eyewear, ear muffs, and so on), to provide a full solution for your application.
  • It is suitable to be worn in extreme temperatures ranging from -10 to +500Celsius.
  • The lining of a plastic harness with two bands and four attachment points.
  • 52-60 cm head circumference.

Stay protected

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