Lifestyle Safety Shoes: Everything You Need to Know

| | Sumit Roy

Protective gear is imperative in hazardous work environments. Unsafe work environments can range from greasy, slippery, or wet floors to uneven gravel. Safety shoes that abide by safety regulations are a must for workers working in heavy-duty industries such as construction, mining, and metallurgy. Such shoes are adequately sturdy to withstand the wrath of biting conditions and sustain the everyday hustle.  

The Switch From Safety To Lifestyle Safety: Striking Safety Shoes 

For a while, insufficient attention was paid to the aesthetics of these safety shoes. The look of these shoes has always remained secondary to their damage-resistant capabilities. The prioritization of the latter is understandable since it’s a matter of health and safety. However, meeting industry norms with the changing consumer demands is paramount. Hence, these heavy-duty shoes are now being designed with added aesthetics which is a welcome bonus feature. Loaded with various textures, colours, and styles, these shoes are being labelled as ‘Lifestyle safety shoes’.  

Features of Lifestyle Safety Shoes 

Tailored to specific industries, such lifestyle safety shoes feature different types of protective resistance. Therefore, before buying them, you must know how the different types and their applications play out – 

Lightweight – Fit For Long Hours 

With knitted polyester uppers come better moisture-resistant capabilities. In addition, polyester reduces the overall weight of these shoes. The uppers are lined with air mesh fabric that provides ample breathability that supports long hours of usage.  

Alluring Aesthetics – Captures Everyone’s Attention 

Available in shades of green, orange, blue, and grey to name a few, these lifestyle safety shoes have stylishly designed uppers that up the aesthetic quotient by several notches. The look and flair of these shoes make the wearer stand out elegantly – both in and outside of the workplace. 

Supremely Comfortable –  Protective Footwear Relaxing to Wear 

PU soles have a lower density than other materials. This is why it has a softer texture and high elasticity. These characteristics make them extremely comfortable to wear. With polyester knitted uppers with breathable air mesh lining, these shoes facilitate adequate ventilation that prevents the interiors from overheating making them fit for extended hours of usage.  

Why The Need For Lifestyle Safety Shoes? 

The heavy-duty work environment presents significant pitfalls to the safety of the workers. After toiling for extended hours, there arises a need to participate in recreational activities. This is where lifestyle safety shoes offer the added advantage of aesthetics over your average safety shoes. Mallcom’s Lifestyle Safety shoes bring the best of both worlds – the value of safety and the significance of style.   

FREDDIE’S Lifestyle PU Shoes – Combining Substance with Style 

The double-density PU shoes are high-ankle boots that provide well-rounded protection against falling objects, static electricity, moisture, and impact due to their slip and puncture-resistant properties.   

The appealing designs that these lifestyle safety pairs sport, complement the demanding lifestyle of these industrial workers. With breathable knitted uppers stylishly blended in shades of black, green, and orange to name a few, Mallcom’s Freddie Series truly looks the part.  

The Importance Of Certification in Lifestyle Safety Shoes 

Health and safety are critical for all industries to enhance employee and employer welfare. Hence, it becomes a part of our moral responsibility to protect our employees. 

Certified safety shoes make for an informed choice as they meet specific certification criteria. Upon completing the design and construction methods, they match the high standards of performance of these products usually witnessed globally. EN and BIS certified shoes are obligated to have properties such as extra cushioning and impact resistance. In addition, they are resistant to grease and moisture, making them ideal for use in petrochemical and construction sites. Therefore, a higher awareness of the value of certified products will give rise to better consumer choices. This is bound to help reduce the risks of purchasing inferior products that are more susceptible to causing on-site injuries. 

Mallcom: India’s Sole Safety Net 

Safety is perhaps everything in today’s world. 

And Mallcom is a name that’s committed to the same motto. This becomes evident when you take a look at the sheer variety of industries that their PPE equipment serves. But besides assuring safety through its range of safety shoes, they are also known for their neat aesthetic. This is why Mallcom’s selection of Freddie safety shoes is branded as ‘Lifestyle Safety Shoes’ since they bring out the best of both worlds. 

Every vital base for safety is covered, from the Freddie series of Double-density Oliver Shoes to Cyprus’s high ankle cemented sole shoes with high heat and cold insulation or Dalfon’s high ankle PVC gum boots. 

Our safety shoes are suitable for a wide range of industries, including electronics, hospitality, logistics, pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage because they comply with EN ISO 20345:2011. Global clientele world has access to safety shoe solutions across soles, uppers, design, features, and construction, thanks to a product variety of more than 100 SKUs with European certification. Hence, our unwavering commitment to EN and BIS certifications ensures zero compromises on quality.  

38 years of industrial legacy of manufacturing head-to-toe protection enables us to cater to 50+ countries across six continents seamlessly.  

We plan to push the envelope further in industrial and occupational safety. 

After all, safety is its own reward at the end of the day. 


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