Picking the Face Mask that is Right for You

| | Sumit Roy

Modern researchers and experts conclude that wearing a face mask lowers the spread of COVID-19 virus. When someone with the virus wears a face mask the chances of sharing it with someone else reduce. Wearing a face mask also protects you from someone affected by COVID-19 virus. Therefore it can be concluded that wearing a face mask will offer protection to you and others around you. Though all face masks are not the same, and it is highly necessary to know which one offers the best protection. 

Available options for face masks 

You might have probably heard of the N95 face masks, as they are considered to provide the most protection against COVID-19 virus and other harmful particles present in the air. It has been found in research that these masks filter out 95 per cent of the harmful substances. Though, N95 respirators are mostly reserved for medical professionals, who are the frontline caregivers for COVID-19 victims. They need to access as many of these masks as possible.  

There are other types of disposable masks available that have become more popular choices. Although some of them do not offer proper protection against COVID-19. Below mentioned are the types of face masks available in India.  

KN95 and FFP2 masks: These masks have around 94 to 95% filtration efficiency and can filtrate up to 0.3mm particulates. One should buy these masks from the FDA’s list of certified manufacturers for getting the appropriate protection you need.  

ASTM Surgical masks: These types of face masks are mostly used by doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals, having rating levels of one, two, and three. Higher the level, more protection is offered against air droplets containing COVID-19 virus. It is recommended to buy only “FXX Medical Devices” coded ASTM masks. They are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are reliable.  

Printed cloth masks: These masks are made out of cotton fabrics and are easily washable. Cloth masks are highly suitable for the Indian climate and comfortable to wear in hot and humid climates. They are soft from the inside and breathable. The soft elastic raw material used for the manufacturing of printed cloth masks allows it to comfortably fit around the face while providing enhanced comfort when worn for long durations. The cotton fabric helps to prevent skin irritations while protecting against a significant percentage of germs and bacteria. Cloth masks are comfortable for daily wearing and are available in multiple colors and design options that appeal to all age groups. These are the most comfortable and stylish options available while providing good protection from harmful germs.  

Masks for Kids: As far as COVID019 infection is concerned, the most vulnerable age group is kids. Therefore, they need the maximum amount of protection against the virus. Most of the masks available in the marketplace are oversized and loose for kids. Though, some face mask manufacturers are offering customized masks for kids, while keeping their requirements into consideration. These masks are mostly colorful with cartoon characters printed on them which appeal to most children.  

Best practices for face masks 

After deciding which mask will be best for you, it’s time to check out which one fits you properly. To work properly, it is important for a face mask to fit well.  This is why bandanas and handkerchiefs aren’t very useful.  

Masks that fit right up next to your face while covering the most area, is considered the best. The mask that allows less air to enter or escape while allowing you to breathe well is considered the best for protection against COVID-19.  


Face mask, being an integral part of our lives is the new normal. Therefore, wearing the mask properly can be helpful in protecting against harmful microbes such as microbial pollutants and disease-carrying viruses. Stay safe from COVID-19 and live a healthy life!   


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