Things to keep in mind before selecting safety Headgear

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Factors To Keep In Mind While Selecting Headgear For Safety 

Safety helmets are essential in almost all industries. Be it mining, construction, forestry or any other sector, a safety helmet is one of the most important parts of the personal protective kit for the workforce. Over the years, with the progress in technology, hard hats have become more advanced that provide better protection. However, not all types of safety helmets are suitable for every job.  

Different types of safety helmets have different properties. And it is important to keep the necessary factors in mind while selecting the right headgear for safety. Different types of headgear safety equipment are available depending on the type of industry. Hard hats are specifically designed to protect the upper part of the head from any shock impacts, burns, falling or flying objects, electrical hazards, etc. 

Below are a few factors to keep in mind while selecting headgear for safety. 

How Does a Safety Helmet Protect The Head? 

The safety helmet basically consists of two primary parts: The shell and the headgear. The shell is the outer layer generally made of Fiberglass, polyethylene, ABS, etc. The outer shell protects your head from impacts and the inner layer or the headgear under the outer shell makes it comfortable to wear the helmet, provides protection against shock, fire, etc. The design and the materials used to make a safety helmet plays a vital role in the selection process.  

If the helmet is not comfortable to wear, is too heavy, does not provide enough ventilation and does not have extra features like ratchet adjustment, sweatband, chin strap, slots for accessories, etc, then there is no point in wearing the helmet. Some of the factors to keep in mind while selecting headgears for safety are: 

  1. Type and Rating Of The Helmet: 

According to the ANS and  CSA , there are basically two categories of safety helmets. 

  • Type 1 safety helmets protect the head only from falling or flying objects that drop on the head from above. 
  • Type 2 safety helmets along with falling objects from the top, protect the head from the side, front and rear also. 

Other than these two types of helmets, you should consider the risks involved based on your type of work and choose accordingly. Look for the features like electrical resistance, shock resistance, fire resistance, etc. 

  1. Materials Used: 

Safety helmets are made of many different kinds of material, depending on the industries that they are manufactured for. Before selecting headgear for your workforce, make sure you check the materials used. One of the most important things to keep in mind while looking at the material feature is, it should be lightweight but still provide complete protection. Some jobs like working with molten metals, mining, etc need a hard hat that provides complete protection in extreme heat conditions as well. Different materials have different properties, so before choosing the headgear, ensure which material will be best suitable for your industry.  

     2. Suspension Mechanism: 

There are mainly two types of suspension in safety helmets: 

  • Ratchet Suspension 
  • Pin-lock Suspension 

Pin-lock suspension is designed with a locking mechanism similar to the regular belt lock. In order to adjust the pin-lock, you need to remove the helmet and adjust the pin to the appropriate hole to lock it. Ratchet suspension helmets are designed with a quick and adjustable ratchet knob. You can easily adjust the ratchet without having to remove the helmet. 

       3. Additional Features: 

A lot of manufacturers add some extra features to the hard hat to make it more comfortable and wearable, ensuring complete safety. Some helmets have additional features for proper ventilation, sweat absorbent bands, space for hearing accessories etc.  

60% of the fatal accidents on industrial sites are because of not wearing the right safety helmet or not wearing any type of helmet at all. Every worker has the right to safety and protection. Choose the right type of helmet and ensure that you are providing complete protection to your workforce. 


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