Top 5 features of the Diamond XIII safety helmet

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Working at an industrial site involves its own dangers and one of the major risks is head injury. The human brain is very fragile and is most sceptical to be affected by shock, bumps, or any other head injury. In fact, according to the research, head injuries seem to be one of the major causes of fatal accidents on industrial sites. Whether it is a construction site, where you are hanging 50 ft above the ground or a mining site, where you are 50ft below the ground, protecting your head is an uncompromisable safety precaution.  

Mallcom is India’s leading Personal Protective Equipment brand. Over the years, the brand has established its presence in more than 50 countries across 6 continents. Mallcom has established itself as the integrated manufacturer and distributor for head to toe protection. One of their most popular products is the Diamond XIII Helmet.  

But the question is – Why do you need a safety helmet? And why is Diamond XIII the best safety helmet in terms of functions and features? 


Why Do You Need A Safety Helmet? 

A safety helmet for workers is one of the most important and regularly used PPE tools. Though it is important for any industry worker to wear personal protective equipment that includes fieldwork. It is all the more imperative for the workforce of mining, forestry and construction, where the chances of physical injuries are high. 

The industrial safety helmet is the most common and essential part of the PPE tool. It consists of a harness, headband and shell that protects your head from any fatal accidents on site. Getting adequate safety measures and protection is the right of every worker, which should be addressed by every employee. Some of the major benefits of wearing an industrial safety helmet are: 

  • It protects against any head injuries 
  • Protects head against any fall or slip 
  • Increases the chances of protection and survival in an accident 
  • Protects the head from excessive heat if working under the sun 
  • Provides ample ventilation. 

Apart from safety precautions, another important benefit of wearing a helmet is, it improves employee visibility. It helps in distinguishing the employees while they are working during the day or even at night. Different coloured helmets also help in differentiating between, working hierarchy and visitors on site. Different colours of the helmet signify different roles like: 

  • White For – Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, Construction Professionals 
  • Red For – Electrical Crew 
  • Blue For – Supervisors, Masons, Chief Workmen 
  • Green For – Safety, Health, Environment, Personnel 
  • Yellow For – Tradesmen, Crew, Workers 
  • Orange For – Visitors, Vendors. 

Features and Functionalities that makes our Diamond XIII  The Best Safety Helmet? 

It is predominant that you choose the right safety helmet for your workers. If they are not comfortable wearing it or it does not fit properly, the actual purpose of wearing the industrial safety helmet will be lost. However, Mallcom’s Diamond XIII safety helmet is designed and crafted with utmost detailing, keeping in mind everyone’s requirements. The USPs of our entire range of Diamond series of helmet are: 

  • Diamond XIII is made from UV resistant HDPE (High Density Polythene) and inner foam padding for greater protection and comfort.  
  • It also has LDPE lining with 3 bands and 8 fixing points, which makes it easy to adjust and tighten the ratchet.  
  • Has side, front and rear protection from the shock absorbing liner.  
  • It also has a sweat absorbent band, providing better performance. It absorbs the sweat and prevents it from running into the eyes.  
  • The sweatband is replaceable and is made of cushioned, dermatologically tested, anti-allergic, skin-friendly and anti-skin-irritant materials.  
  • The chin strap can be easily replaced with detachable clamps. 
  • The helmet has side slots to accommodate face and hearing accessories.  
  • Our entire range of  Diamond safety helmet adhere to  CE , EN, ISI and BIS certification and norms.

Diamond XIII safety helmet is crafted to suit everyone’s needs. The key features of this product are: 

  1. It has intuitive thumb and forefinger press points, making it easy to adjust the wheel ratchet 
  2. Available in multiple sizes, with customizable options, to fit every head 
  3. It optimises the low angle impact performance 
  4. The terylene webbing comfortably moulds according to every individual wearer 
  5. The lightweight EPS liner does not make it feel heavy on the head 
  6. It has ventilated ratchet adjustment from 53 to 63 cm 
  7. Available in different colours as required for the hierarchy. 

The testing parameters cleared by the Diamond XIII safety helmet for the EU and BIS certifications are: 

  1. Shock Absorption  
  2. Penetration Resistance  
  3. Flammability Resistance  
  4. Chin Strap Anchorage  
  5. Water Absorption 
  6. Heat Resistance 
  7. Electrical Tests 

Diamond XIII Safety Helmet can be the best fit for a workforce of all types of industries including: 

  • Cement Manufacturing  
  • Steel Manufacturing  
  • Refractory Production 
  • Foundries and Casting 
  • Aluminium Smelting 
  • Construction Sites 
  • Metal recycling, etc. 

If you are concerned about the safety of your employees and are looking  to purchase  safety helmets for your workers or have the helmets customised  with your company logo, you  browse our entire series of Diamond Safet Helmets and get the best variety of PPE brands at an affordable price. You can also explore the full safety category and purchase other essential safety equipment for your workers. 

Mallcom’s  Diamond Safety Helmets have passed the 7 stringent tests, giving you superior head protection. With features such as adjustable height and ratchet tightening system, these helmets are designed to offer only the best of wearer comfort and safety.
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